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Legislation & Regulation
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Provider Status for Pharmacists

Where We Stand: Position Statement on Provider Status for Pharmacists.


Any Willing Provider Legislation

Where We Stand: AMCP believes that plan participants are able to exercise freedom of choice without any willing provider mandates


Maximum Allowable Cost (MAC) Pricing

Where We Stand: AMCP supports the use of MAC pricing as a managed care tool to encourage the dispensing of cost saving generic drugs and thereby benefiting the overall health care system.


Patient Care Services Provided by a Pharmacist

Where We Stand: AMCP supports compensation for pharmacists providing direct patient care services.


Prescription Drug Importation

Where We Stand: AMCP opposes legislative proposals that would allow the commercial importation of prescription drugs for sale in the United States


Transparency Within Health Care

Where We Stand: AMCP supports efforts to encourage transparency within health care. Access to information on treatment, quality and cost is crucial for patients and providers in order to use health care resources wisely.


Direct‐to‐Consumer Advertising

Where We Stand: AMCP does not support direct‐to‐consumer advertising that promotes specific prescription drug products, however we do support advertisements that educate the public about disease symptoms and available treatment options.