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Student Pharmacist Center

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Hello and welcome to the AMCP Student Pharmacist Center!  

This is a great starting place to learn about managed care, the various career opportunities it can present, and unique resources for our student pharmacists. I highlight a few of these resources below, but please feel free to browse around and explore.   

What Is Managed Care?

Managed care involves managing health and optimizing outcomes at the population level. This can look different depending on the healthcare setting and presents a variety of career opportunities for aspiring pharmacists. We provide educational tools that help you and other students learn more about managed care pharmacy and related career options as well as share professional opportunities including internships, rotations, and post-graduate experiences.   

Resources for Student Pharmacists & Chapters  

For our AMCP student chapters, we provide the Chapter Operations Manual and project toolkits for the P&T competition, community outreach events, fundraising, and other student programs. If your school has not yet established a student chapter, we also offer a Chapter Activation Kit. For our student pharmacists, we provide webinars and recordings for topics related to professional development including preparing for ASHP Midyear and for delivering an elevator pitch.      

If you did not find what you were looking for or have additional questions, please feel free to contact the Student Pharmacist Committee. We are committed to optimizing the student membership experience and value your input.  

AMCP has played a big role in shaping my student pharmacist journey and led me to professional opportunities and many impacting experiences that have contributed to my overall growth as a professional individual. I hope that you may also find AMCP helpful in your journey and wish you the best.  

Eunice Kim 
University of Washington
PharmD Candidate c/o 2020 
Student Pharmacist Committee Chair 


Questions or have suggestions on how to improve the Student Pharmacist Center? Contact the Student Development team.