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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I contact AMCP for specific information?  

Many areas of the AMCP website contain links to the appropriate contact person for specific information. You may also use the “Contact Us” link in the upper right corner of the AMCP homepage or you may call us at 703-684-2600.

How do I find contact information for other AMCP members?  

You can obtain the most current member contact information using the online “Membership Directory” . The directory is restricted to members only.   Join today!

I'm not receiving AMCP emails - what do I do? 

There are several things that may prevent you from receiving AMCP emails.   Try the following:

  • Check your AMCP profile to make sure we have the correct email address.
  • Check your junk filters and mark AMCP as a safe sender

If these do not work, please contact and we will check your history to ensure emails are being sent.

How do I opt out of all or some of AMCP's emails? 

With the exception of dues invoices, at the bottom of every mail you will see "Manage My Emails."  Click on this link and you will be able to change your email preferences.

Website/Logging In

How do I log into the website for the first time?

Once you have successfully created your profile, your username will be your email address and the password will be the one you created at the time your profile was created.

What if I have forgotten my password?  

From the login page, you can click “Forgot your Password." Please enter your username (member ID or email address). If a record of your email address is found, you will be sent an email with a link to reset your password. If your email address is not found in our records, or your email address has changed, you will need to contact us at or call 703-684-2600 with a correction prior to accessing the link.

The system says my account is locked, how do I unlock it?

You will need to contact us at or call 703-684-2600 to unlock your account. Unfortunately, this cannot be done online.

The system says my email address is already being used, what does this mean?

If you have attended an AMCP event in the past, a profile has been created for you. You should have received an email with your login information. If you did not receive or cannot find the email, you can select the forgot password link on the login page and enter your username (email address). If the system does not find your email address, please contact us at or call 703-684-2600.

How do I find my ID number? / What if I have never received my ID number?  

Initially, new members should receive a mailed welcome kit with their membership card within two (2) weeks. If you have misplaced your membership card, please send an email to to obtain your ID number and request a new membership card.  You may also find your member ID on your profile page. 

How do I update my AMCP profile?  

Click here to be taken to your AMCP profile.  You will be asked to login before updating.

How do I Register/Sign Up for AMCP Mailings? 

This is for non-member access to the AMCP Learn, JMCP eTOC, etc. You will also receive periodic communications. Members or former members do not need to register or signup.  

From the login page, select the create a profile link. Your username will be your email and your password will be the password that you create.


What benefits do I receive as a member?  

  • All members receive our e-newsletters including AMCP News & Views,  Legislative/Regulatory Briefing and thAMCP Daily Dose.
  • AMCP's peer reviewed "Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy" 
  • AMCP webinars at no cost to AMCP members
  • Members receive a substantial discount off registration rates for AMCP annual meeting in the Spring and the fall AMCP Nexus conference which offer numerous CE and networking opportunities.
  • Leadership opportunities through AMCP’s committees and task forces. Committee involvement provides an opportunity and voice in the direction of managed care pharmacy.
  • Comprehensive legislative and regulatory updates and alerts.... click here to review a more in depth listing of AMCP member benefits.

What are the membership categories and rates?  

Information on AMCP membership categories and rates can be found at

How can I pay for my membership? 

AMCP excepts annual dues payments  via Visa, Master Card or American Express or check.  Members can pay online, via mail (AMCP, 675 N Washington St., Suite 220, Alexandria, VA 22314, or by phone (704-684-2600)  Dues are paid on an annual basis.

How do I obtain a receipt for my membership?  

Those joining or renewing online should receive an auto-generated receipt confirmation via email in addition to a confirmation page at the end of the process. To obtain receipt copies; go to "Contact Us” 

I recently graduated from school. How do I upgrade my membership?  

Contact members services at or call 703-684-2600.

What is the AMCP Membership Cycle? 

Your membership renews on the anniversary date of when you joined.  

How do I reinstate my membership?  

  • If your membership has lapsed and you would like to reinstate click here and enter your login information.
  • Click on the appropriate member category and follow the steps.
  • If you do not remember your password, click on the "Forgot Password" link on the sign-in page.  If your email has changed since you were last a member or you are unsure which email we have on file, please contact or call 703-684-2600 and we will provide you with the correct information.  This helps avoid duplicate entries.

How do I become an AMCP Visionary? 

A member who recruits one to three new members is recognized as an AMCP Visionary. Those who bring in four to seven new members are recognized at the Sapphire Level; eight to 14 referrals at the Ruby Level; 15 to 24 referrals at the Emerald Level; and those with 25 or more referrals are recognized at the Diamond Level. More information on the Visionary program can be found at  

To get visionary credit, have new members add your name when they join as the individual who referred them.  If you are unsure if they entered your name, contact or call 703-684-2600.

I am a corporate member, how do I login?  

Corporate membership provides 4-6 individual membership slots that are assigned at the discretion of the company.  These individuals receive login and password information as described above and have full access to member-only resources on the AMCP website.  One of these slots is designated as the corporate contact (primary contact)  and that log in is used to pay the company's corporate dues online.  Other employees of a Corporate Member company can join independently to receive a login and secure access to member only resoruces and benefits.  If you need log in information, please click here to retrieve your log in information.  If you need assistance with your corporate membership and/or its benefits, contact AMCP at

Meeting Registration

The online registration system for AMCP meetings is not recognizing me as a member.  

There could be a few reasons why the registration system is not recognizing you as a member.

  1. You started the online registration process, but decided you wanted to join or renew your membership before completing the registration process, i.e., to get the lower member rate. The online registration system, however, does not allow you to change your registration type once you have started the process, and thus will not recognize you as a member. Please contact AMCP Member Services at to have your registration type updated.
  2. If you are unsure of the status of your membership, contact AMCP Member Services at 703-684-2600 or email

Please note, you can join and renew your membership as part of the registration when you start the process.

How do I register for meetings if I do not have an ID number?  

There are two options to locate your AMCP profile in the registration system;

  • AMCP ID and Last Name
  • Email, First Name, Last Name

If you do not have a profile in the database you can select the option to register as a non member. If you still would like your ID number, please send an email to We can also provide a new membership card upon request.

Continuing Pharmacy Education

What is CPE Monitor? 

CPE Monitor service is provided the collaborative efforts of NABP, the  Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), and ACPE-accredited providers. Learn more information on CPE Monitor, or to create a profile, click here.

Why does AMCP only allow 30 days after a national meeting to complete CPE processing? 

In order to comply with the CPE Monitor 60-day rule, it is AMCP’s policy that CPE requirements for national meetings be completed within 30 days of a live activity. Please complete any post-test and/or evaluations pertaining to the course you are taking before the ACPE expiration date or within 30 days of a live activity date to ensure an on-time credit submission to your CPE Monitor account. No exceptions can be made after the deadline has passed.

What do I do if I provide the wrong e-Profile ID or date of birth when I submitted a claim for CPE credit? 

It is the responsibility of the pharmacist and/or technician to obtain and submit the correct NABP e-Profile ID to AMCP. For more information, please visit NABP here and click on the the "CPE Monitor" tab.

How can I claim my CPE from previous AMCP meetings? 

Deadline to claim credit for an AMCP national meeting is typically within 30 days of a live activity.  If you attended an AMCP national meeting and did not claim credit for the sessions attended in the AMCP Learn CPE submission portal by the posted deadline, you cannot claim CPE credit for those sessions. 

Where can I get handouts from previous AMCP meetings? 

Please visit

I am not an AMCP member. Can I still access the AMCP Learn? How do I set up an account on the AMCP Learn? 

Yes, you can access the AMCP Learn by creating a free online account. You can find instructions on how to setup an account within the AMCP Learn system by clicking here.

What is the difference between a statement of completion and a statement of credit? 

Official Statements of Credit must be obtained from CPE Monitor. This is the official record of credits earned from CPE-activities accepted by NABP.  However, AMCP will provide a Certificate of Completion to participants of an educational activity upon successful completion. This certificate is NOT accepted as an official record by NABP.

Where can I access my official statement of credit? 

Official Statements of Credit must be obtained from CPE Monitor. Participants may print a copy of their statement from their NABP e-Profile account. CE provider-generated certificates will no longer be valid.

Poster Abstract Submission 

For more information on the Poster Abstract Submission, please visit: