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AMCP Research Institute



Our Intelligence is Not Artificial

AMCP Research Institute (ARI) is not just an expansion of BBCIC; it’s a reimagining. It’s about broadening our research horizons to encompass all facets of managed care pharmacy – from cost analyses to policy support, clinical care and beyond. Research is essential to making treatments more accessible and affordable for patients across the United States. 

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Where We Came From


The BBCIC’s mission is to generate reliable real-world evidence that examines the safety and effectiveness of biologics in order to improve public health. AMCP established BBCIC in 2015 to address anticipated needs for post-marketed evidence generation for novel biologics, their corresponding biosimilars, and other related products.

Past & Future Research Projects

To date, the BBCIC has:

  • Published 14 manuscripts.
  • Presented 42 posters at major health care conferences.
  • Created 4 research reports.
  • Presented 32 podium and invited presentations.
Completed Projects to Date

Grant Programs

We are hard at work! Here are some FDA grants in motion:

  • FDA Grant U01FD007757: $1,311,368 – Improving the Efficiency of Regulatory Decisions for Biosimilar and Interchangeable Biosimilars by Leveraging Real-World Data
  • FDA Grant U01FD008041: $1,452,600 – Bridging the Gap: Using Foreign RealWorld Data to Inform Interchangeable Biosimilar Approvals
BBCIC Ongoing Grants

Where We Are Now

Leverage the Power of AMCP

AMCP members improve the lives of nearly 300 million Americans served by health plans, pharmacy benefit management firms and emerging care model.

  • Treatment and coverage decisions.
  • Advance and demonstrate value of managed care pharmacy.
  • Improve public health.

ARI is an avenue for AMCP to create even more tools and resources to support the important work of our members.

You can support our research by donating to the AMCP Foundation, the charitable arm of AMCP, dedicated to advancing the future of managed care pharmacy by investing in education and philanthropy to advance the profession and accessibility of patient care.




Where We Are Going

Looking Ahead in 2024

We have several new projects in the works:

  • The Effect of the Covid-19 Pandemic on non-Covid Related Treatment and Outcomes in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Adherence – Algorithms, Methods and Best Practices using Claims Data
  • Biosimilar Access and Utilization
  • Anti-VEGF (oncology/opthamlogy) and Bone Antiresorptive Therapy Landscape Assessment
  • Real-World Evidence initiative – developing standards to guide sponsor and payer communication about real-world evidence for decision-making
  • Quantifying the impact of utilization management tools (e.g., prior authorization) on patient access, outcomes, and cost of care
  • Developing an abbreviated dossier format for biosimilars (in collaboration with the AMCP Professional Affairs team)
2024 What's Ahead

Join us in this exciting journey

Let’s unlock new possibilities, empower Manage Care Pharmacy professionals (MCPs), and shape the future of managed care pharmacy.


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