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Become a Diplomat

Diplomat Qualifications 

A Diplomat must be an AMCP member who has a sense of volunteerism to further the mission of AMCP with the schools/colleges of pharmacy.  The Diplomat will exhibit excellent leadership skills to develop, educate and foster schools/colleges of pharmacy into a positive relationship with AMCP at the local level.  The ideal Diplomat must have a commitment to AMCP and student pharmacists.  Strong communication skills and regular follow-up are key factors to being successful and achieving the goal to increase awareness and activity at the respective school/college of pharmacy. 

The Diplomat will help create a greater understanding and appreciation of managed care pharmacy among students and faculty members; develop opportunities to facilitate the incorporation of managed care pharmacy concepts into curricula; and engage AMCP student by serving as a liaison between the chapters/Universities, local AMCP members and the Academy.

Diplomat Appointment and Term 

AMCP members who wish to volunteer to serve as the Diplomat for a specific school/college of pharmacy, preferably located in the area of their residence, may apply online.  This link provides a list of Schools of Pharmacy that currently have no AMCP Diplomat assigned.  If the school being requested is not listed, a Diplomat has already been assigned; however, there may be an opportunity for a Co-Diplomat. 

Once the request is received staff will review and notify the AMCP member of their appointment and forward tools to assist the Diplomat.

The Diplomat will serve in this role until such time that s/he is no longer able to or it is determined that the Diplomat has not fulfilled the minimum duty requirements.  In addition, each year diplomats will be asked to re-confirm their commitment as a diplomat via email.  The confirmation email will allow diplomats to “opt-in” or “opt-out” of serving another year.  For those schools with academy members awaiting diplomat positions OR Co-Diplomats for consecutive years, the academy may include this information in the email as well to better inform their decisions.  Those choosing to “opt-out” will be encouraged to provide transitional support to the incoming diplomat