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Diplomats are AMCP members who volunteer to work with a school/college of pharmacy as a managed care pharmacy resource for student pharmacists and faculty. 

The AMCP Diplomat Program is designed to:

  • Raise faculty awareness of AMCP and managed care pharmacy;

  • Expose student pharmacists to career opportunities in managed care pharmacy; and,

  • Enhance communication between the Schools/Colleges of Pharmacy and local AMCP members.

Diplomat Program Overview
Members of the AMCP Schools of Pharmacy Relations Committee provide oversight for the AMCP Diplomat Program.  Diplomats are current AMCP Members who volunteer to participate in the Diplomat Program.  There are four Diplomat Regional Coordinators who serve as liaisons between the Schools of Pharmacy Relations Committee and the Diplomats.  The goal is to have at least one Diplomat assigned to each school/college of pharmacy.  Some schools/colleges have Co-Diplomats to share the responsibility.