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Formulary & Utilization Management
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Generic Drugs

Where We Stand: AMCP encourages the use of generic drugs as safe, cost- effective alternatives to the equivalent brand-name products


Off-Label Use of Pharmaceuticals

Where We Stand: AMCP supports off‐label use of FDA‐approved drugs when medically appropriate and necessary, but opposes government‐mandated coverage of specific pharmaceuticals, whether for FDA‐approved or off‐label uses. 


Prescription Drug Coverage

Where We Stand: Appropriate access to and use of prescription medications promotes both patient well‐being and the efficient use of medical resources.


Regulation of the Prescription Drug Benefit

Where We Stand: AMCP opposes statutory and regulatory proposals that unduly restrict the ability of pharmacists working within managed care organizations from utilizing tools and services that are essential for the management of a prescription drug benefitFind out about Regulation of the Prescription Drug Benefit.



Where We Stand: AMCP supports the use of evidence‐based formularies that enhance the quality of pharmaceutical care while lowering medication costs


Pre-approval Products: Supporting Payer Needs and the Information...

AMCP webinar that reviewed the current pre-approval support features within and insights from the active Payer community.


Therapeutic Interchange

Where We Stand: AMCP supports the use of therapeutic interchange programs as a part of a comprehensive approach to quality, cost‐effective patient care.