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Quality of Care
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Emerging Trends Update: The Patient’s Paramount Place

AMCP CEO Blog: As managed care pharmacy professionals, we work to improve the lives of millions of people. But we also must never forget that behind these large numbers are individual patients.

Focus on Prevention Pays Off

AMCP CEO Blog: This truism lies at the heart of much of what managed care pharmacy does. AMCP members and their organizations have long championed the use of preventive-care services to achieve better health outcomes and lower overall health care costs.

The Current State of the Performance Measurement Landscape and th...

AMCP webinar that details the state of the performance measurement landscape, profiles how quality impacts team-based models of care, the Enhanced MTM program, and others, and describes why this impact matters in managed care.


Navigating Innovations in Diabetes Care - Proceedings from the AM...

AMCP webinar that reviewed proceedings from this Partnership Forum.


Oncology Partnership Forum - Part I

Partnership Forum: The event brought industry leaders to together in November 2016, focused on the need to drive better value and outcomes in oncology for patients, providers, payers and delivery networks.

Pharmacy Profession Comes Together to Help Document and Improve ...

AMCP CEO Blog: People can accomplish remarkable things when they work toward a common goal. That’s what happened recently when a diverse group of pharmacy stakeholders gathered to develop standardized terms for MTM services.

The Post Cites Pharmacists’ Expanding Role on Medical Teams

AMCP CEO Blog: Last week I saw a headline that jumped off the page: “America’s other drug problem: Giving the elderly too many prescriptions” (Washington Post, Aug. 15).