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Spirit of Volunteerism Award


The AMCP Spirit of Volunteerism Award, established in 1994, recognizes a current AMCP Committee Member who has: 

  • Demonstrated exemplary and outstanding service to AMCP over the past year; and,
  • Provided volunteer activities that resulted in successful and/or high quality AMCP program, projects or services for its members.


The nominee must be an AMCP member and an AMCP Committee member for the committee year prior to the presentation of the award. AMCP Board of Directors members are not eligible.


Nominations for the award are submitted by AMCP Committee and Board of Directors members.


Nominations are considered by a selection committee composed of two AMCP Board of Directors members and one Committee chair. The selection committee is appointed by the AMCP President.


The AMCP Spirit of Volunteerism Award, presented annually at the AMCP Annual Meeting, consists of a plaque, complimentary Annual Meeting registration and travel related expenses to attend the Annual Meeting up to $1,000.


2019  Kimberly Lenz
2018 Jennifer S. Graff
2017 Lilly M. Lee
2016 Sherry Andes
2015 Peter M. Penna
2014 Patrick Gleason
2013 Ronnie DePue
2012 Kathleen Moreo
2010 Ken Schaecher
2009 Peter J. Lee
2008 Debora Schering Sternaman
2007 Tim Sawyers
2006 Lee R. Marks
2005 John D. Jones
2004 Marv Shephard
2003 Anna Theodouou
2002 Darlene Mednick
2001 Craig T. Stern
1998 Craig T. Stern
1997 Suzanne Rivkin
1996 Louise J. Sargent
1994 Albert Fauss