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Disease Management
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Continuing Education Hot Topics

These disease state CE webinars are sponsored, developed and presented by PRIME.


Appropriate Uses of Prescription Information by Managed Care Orga...

Where We Stand: When used appropriately, prescription information can help promote responsible drug use, protect patient safety and reduce overall health care cost.


Population Medication Management Services Improve the Value of Pa...

Where We Stand: Use of appropriate medication regimens, regardless of cost, may help to improve patients’ conditions, improve quality of life, and lower other health care costs.


The Management of Opioids

Where We Stand: Managed care pharmacists have a responsibility to work with patients and other health care professionals to ensure the appropriate use of opioids and to ensure that prescriptions are dispensed and utilized for legitimate medical needs.


Inhalation Matters: The Importance of Inhaler Choice in COPD

Sponsored webinar that explored the emerging body of evidence on the impact of inhaler selection in the treatment of COPD.


The RESPIMAT Inhaler: Delivering Medication Independent of Inspir...

Sponsored webinar that reviewed the SPIRIVA RESPIMAT inhaler.


The Ying and Yang of Potassium and Sodium in Chronic Kidney Disea...

Sponsored webinar that discussed the importance of a paradigm shift in dietary recommendations for patients with chronic kidney disease.