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AMCP Student Pharmacist Membership

Are you a student pharmacist and have a interest in learning more about a career in managed care pharmacy? AMCP membership is for you!! Explore the AMCP website to learn more about managed care pharmacy and consider becoming a member! Student pharmacists enjoy a special discounted rates on membership and meetings. 

Remember - AMCP has chapters at most schools of pharmacy - check out our chapter listing to find yours!

AMCP Student Pharmacist members answer questions about the benefits of joining AMCP as a student member and continuing that membership post-graduation: 


  • "The best decision I ever made was to be an active member of the Academy. AMCP has granted me countless opportunities to make meaningful connections with past, present, and future pharmacy leaders. As we bear witness to the radical changes of the US healthcare system, AMCP is the trusted source I look towards to stay abreast new information, trends, and health policy. I have not seen another national organization engage student pharmacists to the degree that AMCP has through its unique P&T competition, premier summer internship programs, and more. No matter what career path you are considering, there is something for you at AMCP." - Kun Yang, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, Class of 2015 
  • "To join AMCP is to join an exceptional network of pharmacists and students from all across the country, who will positively shape your professional career in ways you could never imagine.  The connections you will make from this association and its members, both as mentors and as friends, will leave a lasting impact on your career." - Alexa DeVita, Drake University, Class of 2018
  • “Becoming a member of the Academy has proven to be one of the most rewarding decisions of my pharmacy career. AMCP has provided me with a more complete view of our healthcare system; where it’s been, where it is and where it’s going.  Through this, I have been able to make informed decisions on where I feel I can make the most impact with my pharmacy degree. AMCP has been a great source for up-to-date information, internship opportunities and networking within all aspects of the pharmacy profession. I encourage all students to explore the benefits of becoming a member of AMCP.” – Nisreen Shamseddine, Mercer University College of Pharmacy, Class of 2016 
  • "Having been involved with AMCP ever since 1st year of pharmacy school, I have been exposed to a variety of career pathways within the profession of pharmacy, from MTM and Medicare Part D to speciality pharmacy and pharmacoeconomics. I had the opportunity to learn more about what Medicare Part D entails and the value of pharmacists-provided MTM services in public health. The National P&T Competition offers an invaluable opportunity for student pharmacists to gain critical thinking skills, analytical skills and clinical knowledge early on. You don't want to miss the P&T Competition opportunity! The AMCP Annual Meetings and Education Conference provide numerous opportunities for student pharmacists to explore the field of managed care pharmacy and meet professionals working in various managed care settings. I have grown so much professionally through my involvement with AMCP. I highly recommend student pharmacists to take full advantage of what AMCP offers and get the most out of this experience." - Ying Long, University of Southern California, Class of 2016