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Fundamentals of Managed Care Pharmacy

Looking for a comprehensive introduction to basic concepts in managed care pharmacy?

Applications for Value: The Digital Therapeutics Revolution

AMCP CEO Blog: Thoughts on Digital Therapeutics. These therapeutics offer the potential to revolutionize population health management and help patients live healthier lives.

Prior Authorizations Play Crucial Role in Ensuring Appropriate Me...

AMCP CEO Blog: PA is a crucial but often-misunderstood utilization management tool in the pharmacy benefit space. The bad rap that PAs have received recently, I believe, comes from either misinformation about the process or glitches in specific systems that can easily be corrected.

Cantrell: 'Now more than ever, our leadership, perspective a...

AMCP CEO Address: AMCP CEO Susan A. Cantrell, RPh, CAE addressed the AMCP 2019 Annual Meeting on March 26, laying out how AMCP is prepared to meet the challenges of today’s complex health care system. The following is a lightly edited transcript of that address.

Cantrell Addresses AMCP Nexus 2018 General Session

AMCP CEO Address: AMCP CEO Susan A. Cantrell, RPh, CAE addressed attendees at AMCP Nexus 2018 in Orlando. This is a lightly edited transcript of that address.

Emerging Trends Update: The Patient’s Paramount Place

AMCP CEO Blog: As managed care pharmacy professionals, we work to improve the lives of millions of people. But we also must never forget that behind these large numbers are individual patients.

Addressing Increasing Costs and Spending on Pharmaceuticals Requ...

AMCP CEO Blog: A new article in Health Affairs ( highlights the challenges that many health plans and payers face as spending on pharmaceuticals continues to rise. The report, which looked at total health care spending at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care (HPHC) from 2011 and 2016, found that spending on pharmaceuticals had increased to a full 25% of all dollars spent.

AMCP Is Leading Efforts to Find New Benefit and Payment Models to...

AMCP CEO Blog: By now, it’s virtually an article of faith that the costs of pharmaceuticals are too high (and, by-the-way, so are costs of hospitalizations, MRIs, ambulance rides and many other health care interventions).