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AMCP Webinar Opportunities

AMCP’s webinar series is designed to position AMCP as a leading source for information on the issues affecting managed care pharmacy and provide a vehicle for AMCP to obtain feedback on key issues, rules and regulations from AMCP members. Webinars are held Wednesday's and are typically 30-45 minutes of lecture and 15-30 minutes of Q&A. Webinars are posted to the AMCP Calendar of Events. They are recorded and posted to AMCP’s Webinar Archives where they can be viewed by members at any time.   

AMCP Hosted Webinars

Hosted webinar topics are determined by AMCP staff.  These may be sponsored for $5,000 per webinar. Sponsor is recognized in the promotion of the webinar via email and on the web, within the webinar and on the web when the webinar recording is posted to the Webinar Archives. Sponsor has no role in the content or selection of speakers. For more information, click here.

    AMCP Science & Innovation Theater Webinars 

    AMCP also has Science & Innovation Theater Webinars. The content and speakers (audio) are provided by the client. The opportunity to host one of these is available to AMCP Corporate Members for $15,000 per webinar. For more information on these, click here.