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Distinguished Service Award


The AMCP Distinguished Service Award was established in 1994 as the AMCP Leadership Award. In 2001 its name was changed to the Distinguished Service Award. The Award recognizes an AMCP member who has made exceptional and sustained contributions to AMCP over at least a five year period.


The nominee must be an AMCP member and served the Academy for at least five years.


Individuals must be nominated by an AMCP member using the award-specific nomination form. The nomination must include up to a 500-word statement that describes why the individual should be considered for the award. The nomination must be supported by two (2) additional AMCP members. The AMCP Board may also nominate an AMCP member for this award. Nominations for the award are submitted via the AMCP website.


The selection is made by a committee composed of three AMCP members – two (2) AMCP Board of Directors members and one (1) AMCP Committee Chair. The selection committee is chaired by the AMCP Committee Chair. The selection committee is selected and appointed by the AMCP President.


The Distinguished Service Award, presented annually at the AMCP Annual Meeting & Expo, consists of a plaque, complimentary Annual Meeting registration and travel related expenses to attend the Annual Meeting up to $1,000.


2019   Margaret Byun


  Dana McCormick
2017   Tim Antonelli
2016   Jim Carlson
2015   David Calabrese
2014   Marty Mattei
2013   Shawn Burke
2012   Brian Kolling
2011   Cathy Carroll
2010   Kim Caldwell
2009   Arthur M. Zoloth
2008   Elaine Manieri
2007   Rusty Hailey
2006   C.E. (Gene) Reeder
2005   Cynthia J. Pigg
2004   John D. Jones
2003   Dianne A. Kane Parker
2002   Carey C. Cotterell
2001   Lowell T. Sterler
1998   Perry Cohen
1997   Jay Messeroff
1996   Michael Dillon
1995   Pete Penna
1994   Suzanne Blackburn