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Southwest Region AMCP

AMCP Southwest


The Southwest Affiliate of the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (Southwest AMCP) will provide:

  • An organized approach to providing services to all managed care pharmacists and professionals in the state
  • Opportunities for education, networking and advocacy for managed care pharmacists and professionals in the state
  • Avenues in which strategic projects important to its members can be considered; and Services and program at a local level.

States that are included in Southwest AMCP include Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma. 


President: Justin Weiss

Vice President:  Thomas Nguyen

Secretary/Treasurer: Kristin Pareja

Advocacy Committee: Penny Surratt (Chair), Kathy Usher (Co-Chair)

Education Committee Co-Chairs: Theresa Ofili (Chair), Chrystal Henderson

Membership Committee Co-Chairs: Dana McCormick (Chair), Abigail Shimon (Co-Chair)

Member Dues

There are no additional charges to be a Southwest AMCP member, however you must be a current AMCP member for affiliate membership.

Events & Activities

Southwest AMCP & Prime CE Dinner Program
"How Novel Therapies are Paving the Way for Better Outcomes in Rheumatoid Arthritis"
Thursday, September 12, 2019
6:00pm - 8:00pm
New Orleans, LA
Details and registration at


Southwest AMCP Live Meeting/AMCP Nexus 2019
October 2019
Time TBD
National Harbor, MD


For more information, please contact

Join Our List: Affiliate information is automatically sent to any AMCP member who resides in an affiliate state or region. If you are a current AMCP member who lives outside an area covered by an affiliate and want to be added to an affiliate roster, please click this link to subscribe to their list. 

Founders-Charter Members

Michael Arizpe, Robert Atkins, Don Bishop, Fred Brinkley, Kim Caldwell, John Chaddick, Tracy Copeland, Paul Godley, Phyllis Graham, Dana McCormick, Audrey Rattan, Monica Reed, Cathy Salinas, Deb Schering, James Stryker, Chelsea Thomas, Tom Tran, Linda Tarkowski and Sherry Yaft.


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