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Managed Care Pharmacy Curriculum

Managed Care Pharmacy Course Curriculum

Updated August 2017   

What is the curriculum?  

The AMCP Managed Care Pharmacy Curriculum is a personalized course that was developed to assist faculty, managed care pharmacists, AMCP Diplomats, and other preceptors in teaching students and interns more about the managed care pharmacy principles that guide our healthcare system. The Managed Care Pharmacy Curriculum houses a full syllabus with corresponding recommended reading materials and resources. In addition, the curriculum provides links to ready-made presentations across topics from the History of Managed Care Organizations to Pharmacy Benefit Design. 

Why was it updated?  

While the previous curriculum has been a great resource available to the public since 2011, the updated curriculum is designed to address new issues which have come up in recent years and offer examples highlighting current drug management strategies. Much has changed in the last few years and we are excited to roll out the newest Managed Care Pharmacy Curriculum update to provide all interested parties a chance to gain exposure to a subject and industry not often discussed or even introduced in many pharmacy curriculums across the country.  

How schools should use it? 

Schools/Colleges of Pharmacy should propose the managed care pharmacy curriculum to the academic curriculum committee at his/her university. Schools may also consider implementing the managed care pharmacy curriculum, in its entirety or in part, into an elective course to provide student pharmacists with some level of exposure to the managed care pharmacy, which plays in integral part of patient care and patient access.  

What are the updates? New format, new structure and new content.

New AMCP Content and Resources: 

  • Week 2-Formulary Management and Drug Utilization Review  
    • Managed Care Pharmacy: Best Practices that Offer Quality Care and Cost Effective Coverage to Patients, 
    • Payers, Employers, and the Government 
    • Formulary Decision Support Resources 
    • Electronic Prior Authorization 
  •  Week 3-Regulations/Laws and Key Players in Managed Care 
    •  AMCP Where We Stand Position Statements 
  •  Week 5-Medication Therapy Management 
    • CMS Enhanced MTM Model for Medicare Part D 
    • Use of SNOMED Codes for Electronic Documentation of Pharmacist Services  
    • Standardized Framework for Cross-Walking MTM Services to SNOMED CT Codes 
  • Week 7-Pricing/Reimbursement Model and Information Systems  
  • Week 11-Outcomes Research and Quality Initiative 
    • CER Collaborative and CER Tool 
  • Week 12-Pharmaceutical Contracting and Networks 
  • New AMCP Proceedings from Partnership Forum added to Week 14-Current Issues in Managed Care
  • New Sample Project in Week 10 for Student Pharmacist Presentations  
    • Budget Impact Model Exercise  
  • Removal of Section Four-Supporting Documents