Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA)

As a way to increase the use of electronic prior authorization (e-PA), earlier this year AMCP published results of a survey it conducted in late 2015 to identify potential outreach strategies that could be undertaken to speed and improve the adoption of e-PA. The findings suggest that many prescribers who use electronic prescribing (eRx) systems do not necessarily use the e-PA standard approved by the National Council of Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP). Furthermore, the survey found that in many cases, prescribers do not distinguish the NCPDP standard e-PA from proprietary systems, such as non-standard email systems, web portal systems, or electronic fax systems and therefore, may not be fully assessing the benefits of using standard e-PA. AMCP is working to proactively provide educational efforts on the benefit of standard e-PA to provide prescribers with more insight to evaluate the benefit and cost savings associated with using the NCPDP e-PA standard.

ePA Infographic 

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