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Science & Innovation Theater WebinarAMCP Science & Innovation Theater Webinar Recordings

These webinars are sponsored, developed and presented by the sponsor. The content of the Science & Innovation Theater Webinars and opinions expressed by the presenters are those of the sponsor or presenters and not of the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy.

Inhalation Matters: The Importance of Inhaler Choice in COPD
The RESPIMAT Inhaler: Delivering Medication Independent of Inspiratory Effort
Recordings from January 24, 2019. Sponsored by Boehringer-Ingelheim 

Gene Replacement Therapy: Evolution from Bench to Bedside
Recording from December 11, 2018. Sponsored by AveXis 

The Ying and Yang of Potassium and Sodium in Chronic Kidney Disease
Recording from November 29, 2018. Sponsored by Relypsa 

Brain Preservation in MS: Are We Seeing the Whole Picture?
Recording from November 15, 2018. Sponsored by Celgene 

The first FDA approved RNAi therapeutic for the treatment of the polyneuropathy of hATTR Amyloidosis
Recording from October 10, 2018. Sponsored by Alnylam 

Not Just RA with Psoriasis: Articulating the Various Manifestations of PsA
Recording from August 16, 2018. Sponsored by Novartis 

Switching from Reference Medicines to Biosimilars
Recording from July 12, 2018. Sponsored by Sandoz (A Novartis Division)  

Clinical and Economic Considerations for a MAT Option
Webinar from June 7, 2018. Sponsored by Alkermes 

FDA Companion Diagnostic Testing and Implications for Managed Care Pharmacy Directors
Recording from May 22, 2018. Sponsored by Myriad Genetics Incorporated 

Management of Hyperkalemia in Hemodialysis Patients
Recording from May 10, 2018. Sponsored by Relypsa 

Improving Outcomes in Intensively Treated Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes with Continuous Glucose Monitoring
Recording from April 17, 2018. Sponsored by Dexcom Inc. 

Changes in COPD Treatment Strategy: Guidance for Appropriate Utilization
Recording from November 28, 2017. Sponsored by Boehringer-Ingelheim 

The Emerging Role of Abuse-Deterrent Formulations in Helping to Addressing Opioid Abuse and Misuse
Recording from August 17, 2017. Sponsored by Daiichi Sankyo, Inc. 

The Opportunities and Challenges in Rare Disease Management
Recording from July 19, 2017. Sponsored by Bayer 

KDIGO 2017 Clinical Practice Guideline Update for the Diagnosis, Evaluation, Prevention and Treatment of CKD-MBD
Recording from July 12, 2017. Sponsored by OPKO 

Hepatitis C: A Focus on the Evolving Epidemiology Landscape
Recording from June 21, 2017. Sponsored by Abbvie 

Clinical Overview and Treatment Advances in Carcinoid Syndrome
Recording from May 18, 2017. Sponsored by Lexicon 

Hepatitis C: The Impact of Hepatitis C Beyond the Liver
Recording from April 5, 2017. Sponsored by Abbvie 

Highlighting Trends in Pain Management
Recording from February 9, 2017. Sponsored by Daiichi Sankyo, Inc. 

Introduction to the Impact of Resistance in Hepatitis C
Recording from February 1, 2017. Sponsored by Abbvie