The Role of the AMCP Committee Member


The committees of AMCP are extremely active and the building blocks for the organization. Full participation by all committee members is essential for the committee to complete its charges as assigned. As a committee member, you will be expected to participate in various meetings and committee assignments.


  • Attends the Annual Meeting & Expo each spring and the AMCP Nexus conference each fall
  • Attends committee meetings and participate in monthly, or as needed, conference calls and/or ad hoc retreats
  • Reviews all relevant material before committee meetings
  • Makes contributions and voices objective opinions on issues
  • Carries out individual assignments made by the Chair
  • Works as part of the committee and staff team to ensure that the committee proposes policies and/or develops programs, products and services that help the Academy Members and staff who are responsible for programs within the scope of interest of the committee.
  • Promotes clarity within the committee on the committee’s role and how it supports and fits within the interests of the Academy
  • Responsible for recusing him/herself from any discussion or action arising before the committee where he/she would have a conflict of interest
  • Maintain confidentiality of Academy issues handled by the Committee and to separate Academy issues from current employer/job responsibilities

Time Commitment: 

An AMCP committee member can expect to spend a minimum of six days per year (not including travel time) attending AMCP-related meetings and performing committee activities, including committee meetings and conference calls. An AMCP committee member can expect to spend an average of one to two hours per week reading AMCP material, preparing for AMCP activities, and communicating with AMCP members via telephone, voice mail or email systems. AMCP's committee year starts at the AMCP Annual Meeting & Expo in April and runs for 1 year. Individuals may serve three consecutive terms on the same committee.