Committee Mission: To assess, identify, and recommend education program policies and practices ensure that AMCP education programs are highly relevant and valuable to members; oversee an ongoing educational needs assessment program aimed at AMCP members and others in managed care; develop new ideas for educational programs; and assist the AMCP staff in ensuring that the Academy fully complies with ACPE requirements.

Committee Qualifications: 

  • Only AMCP Active Members may serve on this committee with the majority of the members being pharmacists
  • A strong preference will be given to AMCP Active Members whose professional position gives them extensive knowledge of the education and training of pharmacists and other health care professionals in managed care as well as an extensive contact network that would enable them to recommend potential speakers; those that attend other meetings that can bring ideas from those meetings to AMCP. In addition, the members of the Committee must attend two stand-alone committee meetings without fail.
  • Given the emerging adoption by ACPE of continuing medical education (CME) standards for commercial support, it may become difficult for AMCP members who are employed by the pharmaceutical industry to participate on this Committee.

See also The Role of the AMCP Committee Member 

For more information, contact the AMCP Staff Liaison: Ruby Singh