AMCP Student Pharmacist Chapter Spotlight

 November 2018: University of Minnesota 


AMCP’s University of Minnesota (AMCP-UMN) Chapter hosted the 3rd Annual AMCP Midwest Regional Conference and it was a success! Over 150 students and professionals were in attendance for the two-day event to learn more about managed care and its impact in real-life patient care. This year's theme was Emerging Healthcare Trends, with topics including Vertical Integrations in the Healthcare Space, "Big Data" in Pharmacy, and the Future of Medicare. The event also consisted of a pharmacy perspectives panel discussing "Is the Cure Worth the Cost?" which focused on very expensive drug treatments. The AMCP-UMN Chapter was honored to have Susan A. Cantrell, AMCP’s CEO, as the keynote speaker this year.  She discussed ways managed care can bring value to the healthcare system. They were also delighted to have student attendees from North Dakota State University, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Creighton University. In all, this event provided a platform for students in the Midwest to learn from and interact with pharmacists from the area. 



 September 2018: University of Utah 

utah1The University of Utah AMCP Chapter had the pleasure of meeting AMCP CEO Susan Cantrell at its first chapter meeting of the semester.  She discussed various opportunities that AMCP provides

 student pharmacists, including AMCP Foundation Summer Internship opportunities and the new APPE Rotation in Association & Leadership Management at AMCP headquarters in Alexandria, VA.  She also got the chapter excited about the upcoming P&T Competition and encouraged us to get involved on the national level.  Ten AMCP student chapter members also attended the AMCP Utah Affiliate meeting at Kimi’s Chop & Oyster House in Salt Lake City, where Susan Cantrell and other panelists spoke about the Pharmaceutical Information Exchange (PIE) Act and its impact on manufacturers, payers, and AMCP.  The PIE Act would allow manufacturers to proactively share certain clinical and economic information with health plans so they can make coverage decisions and get patients access to emerging therapies faster.  AMCP is working diligently to get this pill passed by Congress. The panelists discussed specific questions from the audience, such as what information should be shared, who should present to health plans, and when this information should become accessible. It was a great panel discussion and a wonderful opportunity to network with AMCP professionals and enjoy great food. Thank you to Susan Cantrell, the panelists, and the AMCP Utah Affiliate!  

Panelists included: Diana Brixner, RPh, PhD, FAMCP; Jeffrey Dunn, PharmD, MBA; Eric Cannon, PharmD, FAMCP, and Julie Greely, PharmD 




August 2018: Sullivan University 


 Over the summer, students from Sullivan University College of Pharmacy's (SUCOP) AMCP Student Chapter had the opportunity to attend a Pharmaceutics and Therapeutics Committee meeting conducted by Passport Health Plan. Passport Health Plan is based in Louisville, Kentucky, providing close proximity for collaboration between SUCOP and support of both AMCP Student Chapter and AMCP OK/KY Affiliate Chapter endeavors.  Passport holds the P&T committee meetings regularly and they are always open to the public to promote patient education and community involvement with the health plan. As members of AMCP, Sullivan University pharmacy students had the unique opportunity to attend the committee meeting and observe the P&T processes to expand their overall knowledge of formulary development. During this committee meeting, recommendations were made on a variety of topics. 

Students were also given the opportunity to observe techniques on presenting a drug monograph, analyzing drug trials and making formulary recommendations, skills that will be useful in preparing to compete in AMCP's P&T Competition this year. Additionally, many of the students who attended the meeting became more aware of the various roles a pharmacist can play in the managed care field. There were several pharmacists from the health plan on the committee as well as a community pharmacist. Some pharmacists made recommendations based on clinical skills while others presented more of a cost-benefit analysis. The chapter will continue to attend the P&T committee meetings and will seek to give more students insight into what managed care pharmacy entails.


July 2018:  University of Mississippi 

This spring, graduate students, Sushmitha Inguva, Siddhi Korgaonkar and 3rd year pharmacy students, Anna Crider and Mariah Cole, from the University of Mississippi placed 3rd in the first Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) Healthcare Quality Innovation Challenge.  This challenge is designed to promote student engagement in leveraging technology to create solutions that improve healthcare quality measures.  Student teams were asked to develop a business summary on a technology-enabled solution based on one of three prompts -statin use in diabetic patients, addressing potentially unsafe opioid use, or patient engagement with Medicare prescription drug programs.    


Sushmitha, Siddhi, Anna, and Mariah focused on the prompt that addressed potentially unsafe opioid use/prescribing.  Their business summary detailed an application that had access to prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) data, which would be displayed in a manner that is customizable to the physician's specialty.  Information displayed by the app included organized tabs that reported patient's providers, a list of opioids received with their morphine milligram equivalents and a link to CDC guidelines for opioid prescribing. The app also has the ability to flag potential provider shopping, high morphine milligram equivalents and concurrent use of benzodiazepines. Their goal was to improve the accessibility and the feasibility of the PDMP to encourage providers to utilize its data. The team's proposal took 3 months to complete. Congratulations University of Mississippi! 


For more information on the PQA Challenge:  


June 2018: University of Southern California 

The University of Southern California AMCP Student Chapter is excited to host the 11th Annual Western Regional Conference for students, on July 7th and 8th. More information about this event, the workshops, and the professionals can be found 

What is the Western Regional Student Conference?  

The conference started at USC, and every year a different student chapter in California volunteers to host the conference. In the past, around 60 students from schools across the West Coast and 30 professionals have joined us.   

Who is involved in planning of the conference? 

Students from last year's board and this upcoming year's board are helping to plan the conference and have been working closely with our AMCP diplomats.  

What is the theme, and what activities are available? 

This year's theme is "Evolving Landscape of Healthcare," and features a variety of workshops, panels, and group sessions revolving around a) how pharmacists can adapt and take advantage of the many changes happening right now in health care, b) career development for students, and c) the prevalence of managed care in all fields of pharmacy. This theme with its workshops are catered for students of all experience levels. Dr. Michael Pazirandeh and Dr. Amy Gutierrez will be presenting as our keynote speakers. Our workshops will not only include veterans in managed care and industry, but also clinical faculty, residents, fellows, and other managed care professionals. Workshops include "New Care Models and New Roles and Opportunities for Pharmacists," "Reaching for Residency and Fellowship", "Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions," and many more! We believe they will be helpful to students to introduce skills, experiences, and knowledge that are needed by the marketplace, to create interest for students to pursue and develop themselves professionally to tackle the demands of the current environment. Students will be also able to participate in the 2018 Quiz Bowl, networking sessions, after-hours event, as well as a student-hosted Escape Room! We are excited to meet many of our fellow AMCP students there! 


» May 2018: Virginia Commonwealth University     


Virginia Commonwealth University AMCP Student Chapter is new and developing at VCU, as it was recently established in the fall of 2016. This academic year, the chapter has grown in various ways. The chapter participated in an AMCP webinar, to educate student pharmacists on what managed care pharmacy is and what roles a pharmacist can play in it. The chapter also created opportunities for members to attend a monthly P&T committee meeting at VCU’s hospital.


This year the chapter has had some awesome speakers come in. Dr. Jody Allen, former vice president of clinical account management for Express Scripts, visited VCU to talk about her experiences and career path in managed care pharmacy. In addition, the chapter also had Dr. Javier Menendez and Dr. Richard Papcun from Virginia Premier come in to speak about careers, rotations, and residencies in managed care pharmacy. For the upcoming year, the chapter aims to continually grow with more student involvement. The chapter wants to continue to have members attend AMCP Nexus and the AMCP Annual Meeting. They hope to also submit an entry into the annual P&T competition in the upcoming year.



» April 2018: The University of Minnesota     

minnyThe University of Minnesota AMCP Student Chapter organized a group trip to visit Eli Lilly in Indianapolis over spring break, in collaboration with our school’s Industry Pharmacists Organization (IPhO). The main goal of this trip is to provide students exposure to the industry and enhance interest in the non-traditional pharmacy areas. During the 4-hour site visit, students were able to tour Eli Lilly's global headquarter, as well as listen to two panels composed of new pharmacist practitioners in Eli Lilly, in which professionals shared different career paths that lead them into industry. The event was a success! Students from the U of MN were able to learn more about how pharmacists can play very different roles in various industry areas. As professionals that have only started in industry for a few years, the panelists were able to provide perspectives and advices that is especially applicable to students. For our group, this trip is a unique opportunity as few big pharmaceuticals companies are headquartered in Minnesota. Throughout the trip and long drives, students from both organizations were able to bond as a group. Some of the attending students even continued the journey and went on to Nashville to attend the APhA Annual Meeting!


  » March 2018: Rutgers University  


Rutgers University hosted their annual AMCP and AZO Speed Networking event this past month. The event hosted over 150 students and 100 pharmacists. The pharmacists were from industry, hospital community, and managed care. Some examples were a military pharmacist, a trial lawyer pharmacist and a pharmacist working for ICER. The purpose of the event was to show students the diverse set of opportunities that are available to pharmacists today.


There were 6 rounds of 10 minutes. The students could share their career goals, get advice on how to accomplish their career goals and see the variety of occupations. After the formal rounds, there was an open networking session where students could go talk with any of the invited professionals. Additionally, Rutgers developed a list of professionals whose companies were offering internships. This allowed for students to seek out their own career opportunities to start building their own professional experiences.  The event was a great success! Next year the chapter hopes to involve an even more diverse set of professionals and hope to advertise more internships to the younger students in attendance.  



» February 2018: University of Kentucky     

uokentuckyThe University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy is excited to have established an AMCP student chapter this past fall. One of the main goals of our chapter this year has been to compete in the P&T Competition. Four P3 students from UK have taken on this challenge and have been working diligently to perfect their P&T proposal. While competing as a new chapter has its obstacles, the faculty at UK have been outstanding in assisting our P&T team with whatever questions they might have in regards to the competition material. Additionally, our team has been able to utilize the resources that AMCP provides to the P&T competitors, including the training webinars and the P&T 101 documents. These resources were extremely useful to our team since our chapter is new to the competition. Overall, the UK College of Pharmacy AMCP student chapter is thrilled to have the chance to compete in the P&T competition for the first time. If other new chapters are interested in competing in the P&T competition next year, our chapter recommends to start the process by utilizing the AMCP P&T resources via the following link: 



» January 2018: The University of Illinois at Chicago & University of Utah     


  The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) AMCP Student Chapter hosts a P&T Lecture Series for their student body every year in the months leading up to the P&T competition. The Lecture Series consists of six lectures and two after-hours lectures that are required for competitors and open to all others interested. The lectures cover foundational topics to help prepare students for the competition, such as:
- Introduction to Specialty Pharmacy
- Monograph Writing
- Benefit Verification/Prior Authorizations
- Medication Policy
- Literature Searches
- Critiquing Clinical Trials
- Pharmacoeconomics
- Evaluating Economic Models

The topics may change year-to-year based on student feedback. They plan on continuing these efforts as it encourages students of all experience levels to participate.



The University of Utah AMCP Chapter collaborated with their local ISPOR (International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research) Chapter to host three student research workshops throughout the fall semester, which were presented by pharmacotherapy outcomes research fellows.  The lecture topics included:  

- Tips of Data Collection
- Into to Biostats
- Tips on Literature Searching

The workshops introduced pharmacy students to a variety of techniques for collecting and analyzing data for their research projects, which are required throughout their P3 and P4 year. They plan to continue these workshops monthly throughout the year in order to help pharmacy students develop skills to conduct quality research.



» December 2017: The Ohio State University     

OSU  The Ohio State University AMCP Student Chapter just hosted a week of insightful events exposing students to non-traditional pharmacy roles in managed care and industry. The goal of these three events was to educate students and provide resources for them to get involved and potentially find a future career. 
For the first event, students were given insight into what it takes to apply, interview, and successfully earn a summer internship program from a panel of five students who recently completed one the summer prior. Companies in which the interns represented included: Janssen Scientific Affairs (Johnson & Johnson), Genentech, Pharmacyclics (an Abbvie company), Incyte, and BASF.
The second event had four esteemed speakers from the Ohio State Drug Development Institute fly in from around the country to speak on their roles within industry. They reached out to both AMCP and the Industry Pharmacist’s Organization (IPhO) to collaborate for this event. Students heard from each individual regarding their specific track into the profession, as well as an in-depth look into their current role. It was extremely valuable for students to get such a candid representation of what daily work life is like for a pharmacist from a variety of positions and companies in industry. Interest was well-received as over 120 students (P1-P4) attended this event. The chapter has hopes to expand this event to next semester, inviting equally esteemed professionals specific to roles within managed care. This event functioned to give excellent exposure to the field of industry, and the chapter would like to translate the same kind of exposure to managed care.
The final event was a Humana Health Plan Visit. The chapter was able to take 22 students (P1-P3) from Columbus to Louisville for the trip. They heard from five pharmacists regarding their roles at the company, and had a question and answer session built in after each of their presentations. They also had the opportunity to hear from, and ask questions to, their two current residents on staff. Students were provided a lunch, and given a personal tour of the downtown Humana buildings. The entire experience allowed the students to connect the dots of what managed care is, and what it looks like in one of the nation's largest insurance providers. The chapter is looking to continue their visits with a trip to Abbvie and Eli Lilly later this year.   



» November 2017: AMCP NEXUS 2017 Student Posters     

Poster 1 


Soham Shukla is a P3 from Rutgers University and did the summer AMCP Foundation internship with Pfizer Inc. Collaborating with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, he presented a poster on “Assessing opioid trends and management of members with general pain conditions.” Their retrospective data analysis showed that patients with a diagnosis of spinal cord injury is the most likely diagnosis to be prescribed opioids as first line therapy without use of prior alternative pain medications. Their poster received the AMCP Foundation ribbon.   






Eric Borrelli (right), Erica Lee (not pictured), and Andrew Descoteaux (not pictured) are P4s from the University of Rhode Island. Collaborating with a professor from URI, they presented an impressive poster on “Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis with antiepileptic drugs: An analysis of the FDA adverse event reporting system,” which is the first study of its kind to analyze the FAERS database to examine the association of SJS/TEN with antiepileptic drugs. Their poster received the Platinum award ribbon, the highest recognized award. 







   Claire Nichols is a P3 from University of California, San Francisco and did the summer internship at Allergan Plc. in Irvine, CA. Collaborating with Allergan, she presented a poster on “Health related quality of life impact of symptomatic uterine fibroids: A systematic literature review,” which concluded that women with uterine fibroids reported lower HRQoL and higher symptom severity scores compared to women without uterine fibroids. Their poster received the AMCP Foundation ribbon.







» October 2017: Pacific University     


 The AMCP Chapter at Pacific University School of Pharmacy in Oregon is a growing chapter that was started in 2012. Although the chapter is still growing, its current and past members have made great strides in promoting managed care pharmacy and expanding student involvement in AMCP. So far this semester, the chapter has hosted three events in order to recruit incoming pharmacy students and increase AMCP participation. During Pacific’s Organization Fair, which was held during orientation week, the chapter utilized the recruitment materials from AMCP which were well received by the incoming first year pharmacy students. During this event, numerous students signed up for future newsletters and expressed interest in attending chapter events. A couple weeks later, the chapter hosted a Managed Care 101 Speaker Series alongside our Northwest AMCP Affiliate to introduce students to the concept of managed care and the benefits of becoming an AMCP student member. This event was well received with attendance from 62 pharmacy students who were eager to learn about different career opportunities within managed care. Finally, an AMCP booth was present for the very first time during Pacific’s Annual Career Fair, which is a required event for first, second, and third year pharmacy students. AMCP was one of the few booths with non-traditional opportunities for pharmacists and attracted interest from several eager students. Some of the chapter’s other goals this year is to assist students who are interested in participating in the AMCP P&T Competition and further collaborate with their assigned diplomats and the AMCP NW Affiliate. These goals will be crucial and beneficial in expanding the presence of AMCP at Pacific University.   



» September 2017: University of Pittsburgh     


  The University of Pittsburgh AMCP Student Chapter is currently the only student chapter participating in the AMCP Northeast Webinar Series. This webinar series aims to provide a platform for professionals to stay up to date on recent trends in managed care and the pharmaceutical industry. This past month, they gave a presentation on their chapter’s events over the past year and future plans. On top of that, at the end of each webinar their chapter recommends potential topics to be discussed in the future. Attendees include health plans, pharmacy benefit managers, and manufacturers. Many interesting topics have been covered in the past, such as: Perspectives in Pain Management, Emerging Biosimilar trends and Insight, Specialty Pharmacy Drug Trends and Oncology Drug Trends. They plan to continue participating quarterly and collaborating with their neighboring AMCP student chapter at Duquesne University in these webinars. For students interested in listening in on these webinars, follow this link 


 » August 2017: California Northstate University   

AMCP 10th Annual Western Regional Conference    


How many schools participated in the regional conference, and how many people attended the conference? This was our 10th Annual Western Regional Conference. Each school in the region hosts the conference, and this year we hosted it at California Northwest University. We had 9 pharmacy schools participate. They were our school, California Northstate University, University of California San Francisco, Western University of Health Sciences, Loma Linda University, University of the Pacific, University of Minnesota, University of California San Diego, West Coast University, and Touro University We had around 60 students and 20 pharmacists come.
Who was involved in the planning of the conference? It started out with last year’s executive board, and then after elections, we had more people to help plan. Additionally, our external and regional AMCP diplomat was extremely supportive. They extended the invitation to all the diplomats at all the various schools, and helped in reaching out to speakers for the breakout sessions. AMCP National was also very supportive. They promoted the conference to other chapters by emailing Chapter Advisors and Chapter Presidents. Susan Cantrell, CEO of AMCP, played an integral part in the conference. She was our keynote speaker and stayed the whole Saturday talking with students. It really shows the level of care and involvement that AMCP National has to supporting student chapter involvement.
How did you come up with the ideas for which breakout sessions to hold during the conference? Overall, we modeled it after the AMCP National Annual meeting. The theme of the conference was “Driving Patient Outcomes in Data.” Under this theme, we had several tracks and within each track several seminars. Our tracks were Industry & Managed Care, Basics of Managed Care, HEOR in Managed Care, Future of Managed Care Pharmacy, Health Care Analytics, and Student Development. For example, in the Industry & Managed Care Track, we had a trade relations pharmacist speak about what they do as well as a pharmacist speaking about managed markets from a health plan perspective. This track covered more advanced topics. On the other hand, we also included more introductory topics in our “Basics of Managed Care” track where we covered formularies, and drug utilization reviews.
Do you have any advice for other student chapters looking to initiate their own regional conference, or any feedback you received from students? The part that took the most planning was communicating with everyone. There are so many moving parts, and you need to make sure everything is well coordinated. Additionally, make sure you have a back-up plan. In one of the rooms where we were supposed to have a breakout session, the air conditioning broke, so we had to figure out an alternative room quickly. The schedule was set in a way that you could only attend 2 sessions maximum on Saturday. One feedback was to have more session. We didn’t do more than 2 sessions because we were worried students would feel burnt out by the end. However, doing 3 sessions on Saturday, we feel would have been a good balance. Additionally, several students asked for the presentation slides. One of the challenges would be some slides have proprietary information on it, so you wouldn’t be able distribute all of them, but if you are able to give some, it could be helpful for students.

» July 2017: University of Missouri- Kansas City   

UMKC2 Jack Welch once said, “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” The University of Missouri—Kansas City (UMKC) School of Pharmacy is taking this on as their motto as they refurbish their chapter recruitment efforts. The student pharmacy organizations have established two events in the fall in order to educate incoming students about extracurricular opportunities. The AMCP chapter has always attended these, but this year they plan to expand their presence and focus on strengthening AMCP membership.  Four of the elected officers have obtained internships through AMCP-Pfizer, the KCVA, a local PBM, and a federal health plan.  The chapter is committed to AMCP and its expansion within their College of Pharmacy.  The officers will be purchasing custom AMCP polo shirts to more easily identify themselves in the crowd during the recruitment events.  Additionally, they will be holding a meeting to prepare for potential questions that incoming students will have about their AMCP chapter. In preparation for recruitment and the upcoming school year, the officers have also been revising and updating their chapter documents, increasing their online presence, and tapping into funding to expand their efforts.  They fully anticipate this year’s recruitment to be an exciting one for the Kansas City chapter.

» June 2017: University of Minnesota 

 UniversityOfMN June2017_1The University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy AMCP Student Chapter hosted a Networking Event titled; Network Network and Network Some More in April at Insight Brewery. The purpose of the event was to provide aUniversityOfMN June2017_2 relaxed environment for AMCP members to interact with professionals to build their professional network. Over 30 individuals from PBMs, Industry, Consulting and students attended the event. The event was structured to allow students and professionals to interact freely to provide a natural atmosphere to cultivate mentorships. We would like to thank all the professionals and students that attended in making the Networking Event a success.

» May 2017: University of Washington - Seattle, Washington 

The AMCP Foundation Annual P&T Competition gives students the opportunity to develop skills in formulary management. This past year, the University of Washington team was selected as one of eight finalists, and placed 2nd in the overall competition. Below are some helpful tips from the University of Washington team as they reflect on their journey the past year.


What was the most challenging aspect of P&T, and how did your group handle it? The most challenging part is juggling P&T, school, work and other extracurricular activities. It's important to start early, and highlight the strengths of each team member. In that way, you can allocate work efficiently.

Since it is a team competition, what advice do you have for making sure you have a good team? For a national team, the competition can span about 5 months, which makes it the most extensive competition in pharmacy school. That is why it’s so crucial to form a team with people who are not only capable, but also people you enjoy working with, because you will be spending day and night with them.

Any advice you have for future pharmacy students that are interested in participating? If possible, try to interview a patient with the disease state and/or a physician who manages the disease to get an understanding of the struggles for medication access etc. Also, your main proposal needs to follow a story line, so all the evidence in your monograph and presentation has to come back to your ultimate proposal.

Congratulations again to Nina Kim, Derek Louie, Andrew Nguyen, and Iris To at the University of Washington!

For more information about P&T Competition and participating check out the AMCP Foundation P&T Website.

» April 2017: University of Houston - Houston, Texas 

UniversityOfHouston_April2017PhotoThe University of Houston, AMCP Mentor/Mentee Match Program was initiated in the Fall of 2016 to meet the needs of students who were interested in learning more about the managed care and industry fields, yet were unable to find the proper resources. Due to geographical disadvantages, our chapter searched for innovative ways to connect students to professionals in the field, while combating geographical barriers. The mentor/mentee program served as a means of providing students with a mentor who could help them grow professionally and learn more about different aspects of pharmacy in which they wished to serve. The program’s success was mainly attributed to the hard work of our diplomat Dr. Denise Jonathan, who assisted the chapter in finding pharmacists who were willing to serve as mentors for the program. These pharmacists came from various managed care and industry backgrounds and were all more than willing to help shape the path of success for current pharmacy students. In order to ensure that students were able to fully benefit from this program, pharmacists and students both received forms that were to be filled to confirm their enrollment. Participating pharmacists were required to send in information regarding their educational and work background, their preferred method of communication and the maximum number of mentees they were willing to accept for the 2016-17 academic year. Students were required to fill in information about their interests and what they seek to gain from their participation in this program. After much deliberation, students and pharmacists were matched, and each given contact information to initiate the process. Many students were able to meet their mentors in person at the chapter’s annual round table event, and many have initiated in person contact with their mentors on their own time. The program has served as a great networking platform for student participants, and is constantly growing as the chapter is preparing to lay the foundation for the 2017-18 academic year.

» March 2017: Auburn University - Auburn, Alabama 

Auburn March2017On October 29, 2016, students from the AMCP chapter of Auburn University’s Harrison School of Pharmacy in Auburn, Alabama attended the annual community event known as Pioneer Day. This event is held in Loachapoka, AL. Pioneer Day is a local, historical fair that welcomes the community to gather outside and enjoy music, food, and goods from local vendors. The AMCP chapter had volunteers at our table throughout the day to measure blood glucose and blood pressure for those interested. In addition, volunteers also shared information about SHIP—a State Health Insurance Assistance Program. SHIP-certified counselors help qualified individuals enroll in Part D plans and, if eligible, enroll in assistance programs. This is invaluable to many members of the community, who are often unaware of the options available to them. Our students really enjoyed being a part of this day. We hope to continue to serve at this event in the years to come and to encourage other students from the chapter and school to join us in giving back to the community we love! 

» February 2017: University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, North Carolina 

UNC February2017Over the past year, the AMCP Chapter at the University of North Carolina has been engaged in a new collaboration with the UNC Kenan-Flagler MBA school. The aim of this collaboration is to integrate pharmacy students and business students with an interest in the health care industry to build relationships, share resources, and learn from one another. To launch the start of this collaboration, UNC’s AMCP chapter and the Kenan-Flagler Healthcare Club hosted a Lecture Exchange aimed at increasing exposure between students from each school. The first part of this lecture exchange consisted of Professor Deshpande, an Operations expert from the Business School delivering a lecture to AMCP members about R&D portfolio management in the pharmaceutical industry. Students worked through interactive cases where they had to determine which early development drugs to invest in based on market information. The second phase of the Lecture Exchange involved Jon Easter, head of the Center for Medication Optimization at the UNC Pharmacy School, delivering a lecture at Kenan-Flagler about the role of pharmacy in the transition to value-based care.  This lecture served many purposes including increasing awareness of managed care pharmacy principles and highlighting how pharmacists can influence health outcomes on both a patient and population health level. Participants from both schools gained new perspectives on the complexities of the healthcare system and were given the chance to network with students from other professions. The UNC AMCP Chapter has plans to expand this collaboration in the future to include an evening networking event with a panel of business and pharmacy professionals from the UNC Healthcare System.

» January 2017: University of California San Francisco - San Francisco, California 

UCSF January2017The University of California San Francisco (UCSF) AMCP Student Chapter held its 10th Annual Managed Care Roundtable in October, allowing students to network and hear from pharmacists with various roles in managed care. The annual roundtable featured keynote speaker, Dr. Raulo Frear, the immediate Past President of AMCP and current West Region Medical Affairs Director for Merck. The evening highlighted the career paths and roles managed care pharmacists have taken and educated student pharmacists of the potential career opportunities within managed care. UCSF AMCP would like to thank all our managed care pharmacist attendees, including representatives from Genentech, Health Net, OptumRX, Blue Shield of California, Dohmen Life Science Services, Novars, Amgen, Actelion, AstraZeneca, Otonomy, UC Davis Health, and Kaiser Permanente. The annual roundtable has been UCSF AMCP’s biggest event of the year and continues to look forward to providing insight and education in managed care pharmacy to student pharmacists.

» December 2016: Touro California University College of Pharmacy - Vallejo, California 

Touro December2016_1Touro December2016_2The AMCP Student Chapter at Touro University California-College of Pharmacy held its 6th Annual Round Table Discussion event last month, attracting nearly 100 student pharmacists. The chapter invited 16 practicing pharmacists from across Northern California to speak about their experiences in managed care and provide students with valuable career advice. The chapter also extended invitations to nearby pharmacy schools such, as the University of California-San Francisco, University of Pacific, and California Northstate University, in hopes of building new relations among different AMCP chapters in the Northern California region. Assigned table topics on managed care and the AMCP’s pharmacy and therapeutics (P&T) competition helped raise student interest in joining AMCP, as well as the P&T competition. The event was a major success, said Chapter President Kevin Cheung, PharmD Candidate, 2019, noting that many attendees provided positive feedback, and the number of participants for the P&T competition increased. 

» November 2016: MCPHS University - Boston, Massachusetts 

MCPHS November2016MCPHS: Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University's AMCP Chapter held their annual Exploration Symposium November 9th. The event is meant to be a mini mock Mid-Year, this years turn out was remarkable, many students enjoyed the event, and  believed that it was beneficial for them in preparation for Mid-year. It allows students the opportunity to create and present a poster. They present to fellow students, as well as, faculty members. The faculty has a rubric to follow so they can provide students feedback about their poster and presentation. 

» October 2016: University of Maryland - Baltimore, Maryland 

UMD October2016The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy AMCP Student Chapter hosted an information session "A day in Managed Care and Industry," October 1st.  This session included four speakers, two managed care; Babette Edgar, from BluePeak Advisors and AMCP's current President, and Soumi Saha, AMCP's Assistant Director of Pharmacy & Regulatory Affairs, as well as one PhRMA representative; Joe Vandigo, Director, Policy and Research at PhRMA, and one industry speaker; Ali Toumadj, Associate Director, Medical Sciences, Managed Care Government Accounts at Gilead Sciences, Inc. There were approximately 40 students in attendance and included a panel discussion.

» September 2016: University of Minnesota - Minneapolis, MN 

UMN September2016The University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy AMCP Student Chapter hosted the 1st AMCP Midwest Regional Conference on Sept. 16-17 in Minneapolis. The event featured programming for students and professionals designed to improve attendee's knowledge of managed care pharmacy and its impact on patient care. The first day of the conference is an evening presentation by John Mbagwu. The presentation illustrated how community pharmacies, PBMs, health plans, industry and consulting all depend on each other for our system to function. For Day 2, Norrie Thomas, a pioneer in shaping the practice of pharmacy, gave the Keynote Speaker. In addition, Dr. Patrick Gleason and Dr. Stephen Schondelmeyer, along with a list of other leaders in the pharmacy profession, led the conference sessions. Students from UW-Madison, University of Missouri-Kansas City, University of Illinois Chicago, and Purdue attended this conference. With almost 100 registered individuals, which include students, pharmacists, faculty and other professionals, the conference provided an opportunity for the attendees to network, listen and ask questions from 15 different leaders in managed care pharmacy. The AMCP chapter would like to thank our sponsors, school deans and faculty for their involvement in helping to make the conference happen. The chapter hopes this will become an annual event for continual exposure of the growing opportunities in managed care. Additional information about the conference can be found at:

» March 2016: Midwestern University – Downers Grove, IL 

Midwestern March2016The AMCP Chapter at Midwestern University in Downers Grove, IL, held its annual “Roundtable Meet & Greet” event this past fall. The event hosted 10 pharmacists, each who held positions in different areas of managed care pharmacy. Pharmacists were involved with HEOR, clinical quality management, consulting, product development, and more. Each pharmacist spoke with a group of 4-5 students and rotated every 8 minutes. The pharmacists described their typical responsibilities and roles in their respective positions and explained the steps they took to get there. In addition, pharmacists shared advice and tips on what students could do to maximize their chances of obtaining such positions. The students had an opportunity to network, ask questions and explore possible career options. At the end of the event, students who wished to know more about a specific position had additional time to speak with that pharmacist. The goal of this event was to give students an opportunity to expand their knowledge and interests in managed care pharmacy as well as to expose them to diverse areas of pharmacy practice. Students were very pleased with the experience and we hope to continue to provide this unique networking opportunity to many more students in the future!

» February 2016: University of Missouri - Kansas City (UMKC) - Kansas City, MO 

UMKC February2016Every year, the AMCP chapter at the University of Missouri ‐ Kansas City (UMKC) engages in to community service efforts throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area. From volunteering at the local food bank, to bell ringing for the Salvation Army, the UMKC AMCP chapter always looks for opportunities to serve the community. Throughout the past semester, chapter members made a commitment to educate the community on prescription drug savings programs and other forms of patient assistance. Specifically, members of the community were educated on websites to find prescription drug savings programs, general eligibility requirements, and local clinics in the area that provide medical care for low‐income individuals and the uninsured. Over the course of three community outreach events, UMKC AMCP members reached over 250 community members through cost savings education.

» January 2016: University of California- San Francisco, CA 

UCSF January2016Last year the University of California San Francisco AMCP Student Chapter organized many events for its members. Among these, the Gilead site visit was ranked one of the most valuable events of the year. The main goal for this visit was to expose students to the diverse array of careers that a pharmacist can play in the pharmaceutical industry. After proposing the idea to Gilead leadership, the company responded positively and hosted 20 students for a three-hour site visit. The program started with a warm introduction by Gilead leadership about the core values, mission and future plans of the company. This was followed by a comprehensive tour of Gilead's laboratories, where students learned about the early phases of drug discovery in a pharmaceutical company, as well as some roles that pharmacists can play within this context.The last piece of the program was a panel of six PharmDs who work in different areas of the company. From health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) to marketing, all pharmacists emphasized the value of their degree in the industry and the strong advantage that comes with a clinical background. They also expanded about their respective paths from pharmacy school to working for one of the most well-known pharmaceutical companies in the world. Additionally, some of the pharmacists on the panel talked about internship opportunities that are available for student pharmacists at Gilead.Students left with a good sense of what the company stands for and advice on how to better leverage their PharmD skills and education after graduation in order to help bring life-saving therapies to patients. 

» November 2015: Western University of Health Sciences- Pomona, CA  

Western November2015_1Western November2015_2The AMCP chapter at WesternU has provided the local community with valuable medication information through events such as medication “brown bagging.” The brown bagging event takes place during health fairs, nursing home visits, and special events such as Medicare Part D outreach program. Students have a unique opportunity to apply and improve their medication counseling skills by providing information to members of the community on topics such as medication safety, efficacy and compliance. In addition, during Medicare Part D outreach efforts, students have an opportunity to assist seniors in choosing the right plan to benefit their medication needs and budget.

» October 2015: Ohio State University - Columbus, OH  

Ohio State Photo 1 Ohio State University AMCP Student Chapter Visits Eli Lilly & Co.  

This spring, 16 student pharmacists from The Ohio State University AMCP Student Chapter visited the Indianapolis headquarters of Eli Lilly & Co. The goal was to learn about the company’s Visiting Scientist Fellowship program, as well as the various roles pharmacists play in the pharmaceutical industry. Jon Vecchiet, PharmD, former OSU AMCP Student Chapter member and Eli Lilly fellow, organized a variety of Ohio State Photo 2activities throughout the day. Student pharmacists started with a tour of the Eli Lilly corporate center to learn about the company’s past, present and future, and later met with the Visiting Scientist Fellowship director who reviewed the fellowship application and interview process. The rest of the day was spent visiting with current fellows to get a sense of the several distinct fellowship positions available within the program. One position of particular interest for our AMCP members was the Global Pricing, Reimbursement and Access Fellowship. It was exciting to see the principles of managed care being applied to decisions within the pharmaceutical industry. This visit was truly a unique experience for our members and we are thankful to Eli Lilly & Co. for the opportunity. The Ohio State AMCP chapter hopes to make this a yearly event for our members.

» September 2015: University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, NC  

UNC_chapter_photo_2015The University of North Carolina AMCP Student Chapter holds an annual “Speed Networking” event each spring. Structured similar to speed dating, this fast paced event allows students to connect with pharmacists one-on-one in the relaxed environment of a local establishment in Chapel Hill. Pairs of students move from table to table every five minutes, providing just enough time to compare career interests and backgrounds with a working managed care pharmacist seated at each table. After a chance for one-on-one time with each pharmacist, there is time for more in-depth conversations and mingling. More than 20 students and eight managed care and industry pharmacists attended the most recent Speed Networking event. These pharmacists came from around the region and represented a wide variety of career paths. These included medical science liaisons representing the pharmaceutical industry, sales and account managers representing PBMs, and pharmacy directors from North Carolina managed care organizations. This event has been enjoyed each year by not only the students in attendance but the pharmacists as well. For pharmacists, it serves as an opportunity to build connections and share their career advice with young and talented students. Speed Networking continues to serve as a setting for students to network with and be inspired by professionals.

» May 2015: Midwestern University - Glendale, AZ 

Midwestern May2015_1Midwestern May2015_2The AMCP Chapter at Midwestern in Glendale, AZ held a Drug Information Specialist Competition (DISC) on February 16.  Austin Babineau and Christopher Nguyen won 1st place in the DISC competition. The competition was designed as a way to practice monograph analysis and drug research. Five teams of two student pharmacists each chose between two potential drugs to be added to a formulary of a large HMO.  Participants created a monograph and an oral presentation for a panel of faculty judges. Participants were given  one month to evaluate and research two SGLT-2 drugs: Farxiga and Jardiance. Babineau and Nguyen based their decision on the drug's efficacy, cost effectiveness, patient adherence, adverse reaction and drug reputation. Their findings were presented concise manner that would meet the format of a 10 minute P&T committee presentation. Four professors and judged the competition based on presentation skills, content and drug monograph utilizing a rubric.  This was a great experience for first year student pharmacists, and the chapter looks forward to participating in the National P&T Competition. 

» April 2015: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine - Bradenton, FL campus 

LECOM April2015_1LECOM April2015_2AMCP-LECOM student chapter was recently involved in a Script Your Future campaign by educating and promoting medication adherence amongst the senior community at Kobernick-Anchin; an assisted living facility in Sarasota, Florida. An interdisciplinary team of medical and pharmacy students partnered together to raise awareness of the risks associated with medication non-adherence, and successfully reached more than 35 patients. Student pharmacists also answered questions about medications, provided tips and suggestions on how to help the senior community stay adherent, and performed free health screenings; 26 elderly patients received blood pressure and 20 received glucose screenings.

» March 2015: University at Buffalo 

 UniversityOfBuffalo March2015_1The AMCP Chapter at the University at Buffalo in New York organized two, semester-long educational and professional development programs, one held in the fall and the other during the spring semester. In the fall, the chapter continued its "Leaders in Managed Care Workshop" series called “Knock-Knock! Who’s There? Managed Care.” The workshop was created to introduce students to managed care topics and learn about job opportunities directly from established managed care pharmacists. 

 UniversityOfBuffalo March2015_2The chapter welcomed a total of five local and national speakers, and topics varied from “Managed Care 101” to “Pharmacists in a Health Plan” and to “Pharmacist Entrepreneurs & MTM.” First year students also could receive non-core IPPE hours for attending. In the spring, the chapter initiated a “P&T Shadowing” program for which members had an opportunity to attend Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee meetings at local health plans and hospitals in Buffalo, NY. The program’s aim is to educate members interested in the P&T competition on how P&T Committees function in practice and provide both networking and educational experiences for student pharmacists.    

» February 2015: University of Pittsburgh 

UniversityOfPittsburgh February2015_1On January 19, student pharmacists from the University of Pittsburgh traveled to Plainsboro, NJ where they had the opportunity to visit Novo Nordisk corporate headquarters. Thirty student pharmacists attended this over-night trip sponsored by the AMCP chapter in conjunction with the Student Industry Organization. Being geographically isolated from industry, it is hard for student pharmacists to understand the roles of a pharmacist within the pharmaceutical industry. This onsite trip gave members unique exposure. Programming for the day included an overview of the company, products and biotech department, a Q&A session with the fellowship director, career pathway presentations from eight pharmacists, a network luncheon, and tour of the call center and building. The AMCP student chapter at Pitt is dedicated to the professional development of its members and strives to educate student pharmacists about non-conventional career options for pharmacists. 

UniversityOfPittsburgh February2015_2AMCP chapter members are very active. This year, six members registered for AMCP Nexus in Boston, where they attended full conference programming including the Residency Showcase. On a local level,  two teams participated in the P&T competition and the AMCP chapter at the University of Pittsburgh will be hosting the AMCP Northeast Region Affiliate WebEx meeting on February 12th. The chapter also sponsors a CV workshop, a residency panel, and has hosted speakers from UPMC Health Plan, Walgreen's Specialty Pharmacy, CVS Caremark, Accredo, Gateway Health, and Highmark. Looking ahead, student pharmacists are highly anticipating the AMCP Annual Meeting & Expo in San Diego. 

» January 2015: University of Maryland 

 UniversityOfMD January2015_1"A Day in Managed Care and Industry" was a 5 hour event, held in University of Maryland School of Pharmacy in September 2014, which sought to educate students about post graduate opportunities for PharmDs in managed care and the pharmaceutical industry. Members of the AMCP executive board started the planning of the event in the summer of 2014 by reaching out to potential guest speakers, brainstorming presentation topics, and creating questions for the Q&A session. In preparation for the event, the executive board also solicited questions and expectations of the event from the student body to better cater the content of the event. Advertising for the event included; spin slides, distribution of flyers, school-wide emails, and tabling on campus. A Day in Managed Care and Industry aimed to build off the success and interest that was achieved through last year’s AMCP event, Managed Care 101, which was led by Dr. Robert Navarro. The day featured three guest speakers; Dr. Ali Toumadj (Gilead Sciences), a University of Maryland Alum, Dr. Babette Edgar (BluePeak Advisors) and Mr. Mark Brueckl, who, was previously employed by AMCP (University of Maryland). UniversityOfMD January2015_2Dr. Toumadj led off the day with a mock Medical Science presentation on Gilead’s Hepatitis C medication, Sovaldi (sofosbuvir). The presentation educated students on the methodology of clinical trials and how pharmacists utilize their skillset to communicate clinical trial data in a way that is meaningful to both physicians and payers. Dr. Toumadj also participated in a 45 minute Q&A session discussing roles of pharmacists within a pharmaceutical industry, how to prepare for such careers as a student, and the future of pharmacists within a pharmaceutical company. After Dr. Toumadj’s session, the event broke for a short lunch break where food was catered by Gianni's Italian Bistro & Crab House and gave the students a chance to interact with the other guest speakers. Dr. Edgar followed by giving a brief introduction to managed care pharmacy, roles of pharmacists in managed care organizations, and gave her opinions on the future outlook for pharmacists in managed care settings. Mr. Brueckl concluded the guest presentations by detailing the duties of a typical resident in a managed care program and how programs have evolved over the last several years. Another short Q&A session was held after Mr. Brueckl’s presentation. Dr. Edgar and Mr. Brueckl both answered questions about career path options for pharmacists in managed care, how to get managed care exposure as a student, and work-life balance of pharmacists practicing in a managed care setting. All speakers were given a small gift bag that included a University of Maryland School of Pharmacy portfolio. About 50 students attended ranging from P1 to P4s. 

» December 2014: University of Minnesota 

UniversityOfMN December2014_1UniversityOfMN December2014_2The University of Minnesota is a unique College of Pharmacy that contains two campuses located in the Twin Cities and Duluth with diverse opportunities. A new initiative was started this year to allow students to give back to the community and learn more about Medicare Part D on both campuses. In honor of American Pharmacists Month, the AMCP student chapter held a Medicare Part D workshop led by Dr. Alan Heaton, Senior Clinical Pharmacy Consultant for UCare. Dr. Heaton educated the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy on Medicare Part D concepts and provided resources to enhance student learning. AMCP student leaders utilized the information from the workshop to develop educational materials for the local elderly population about the Medicare Part D enrollment process. Brochures contained information regarding how to enroll, the different plans to choose from and where to go to for additional information. Booths at college sponsored health fairs in both Duluth and the Twin Cities were set up, reaching patients across the state. Prior to this initiative the AMCP student chapter did not have an opportunity to directly interact with patients and contribute to college wide volunteer events. This new initiative allowed AMCP chapter members to not only educate patients on Medicare enrollment, but to also collaborate across campuses with other organizations at the college and introduce the student body to managed care topics. We plan to further expand the initiative this spring to encompass educational material about the healthcare exchange.   

» November 2014: Sullivan University 

Sullivan November2014_1Sullivan University College of Pharmacy AMCP (Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy) student chapter has been very involved with school events, the local community, and managed-care pharmacy companieslike BriovaRx and Humana this school year.  On October 18, 2014, our college of pharmacy campus hosted a fun family event called Trunk or Treat & Community Health Fair for the first time on our parking lot.  This event was opened to everyone in the community.  We were able to receive support from Sullivan University Louisville Campus.  We had students from different organizations decorate their cartrunks for the contest and pass out candies to trick-or-treaters.  Sullivan November2014_2A few local pharmacy companies joined in and decorated their trunks as well to provide information and gave out candies as well.  Our student chapter, along with a few other organizations, set up tables to provide health screenings.  We had four members that helped fill out paperwork, measured patients’ lung capacities using a spirometry, and hand calculated the ages of their lungs.  We also interpreted their results and counseled the patients; making recommendations to help patients managed their health better and improve their quality of life.  Despite the cold weather and light rain, we had a very successful turnout of over 200 attendees within just a three hour span.  Based on the over flow of positive feedbacks, we anticipate to continue Trunk or Treat & Community Health Fair annually and expand it even further in the coming years.

» October 2014: Mercer University 

Mercer October2014_1Every year, the AMCP Chapter at Mercer University College of Pharmacy host a managed care student symposium on our campus in Atlanta, Georgia. The symposium is a unique opportunity for students to gain exposure to current managed care topics and to learn about the importance of managed care in the extensive healthcare network. This event is tailored to student pharmacists who have a wide range of managed care knowledge - from students with no prior exposure to students with firsthand experience. The prospect of networking opportunities with managed care professionals and pharmacy students from several schools motivate individuals from institutions throughout the entire southeast region to travel to Atlanta to attend this symposium. This year, we held our 5th annual student symposium on Saturday, September 6th. Over 12 pharmacists and 80 students from 8 different pharmacy schools were in attendance. The topics presented at the symposium included: pharmacy benefit management, the role of the pharmaceutical industry in managed care, managed care pharmacy careers, the 340b Drug Discount Program, and Medicare Part D Star Ratings. Mercer October2014_2There was also a speed networking activity and a panel discussion incorporated into the schedule. Afterwards, a complimentary dinner was provided, and many symposium participants had the chance to network in a more casual setting.This symposium was a great success due to everyone who participated, especially our motivational speakers and inquisitive students. Additionally, the hard work and diligence of the Mercer University AMCP Executive Board, the Symposium Committee, and our sponsors - NovoNordisk and Arbor Pharmaceuticals - was justified in the end, so we are excited to continue with this annual tradition. It has given us the chance to aid other chapters in organizing similar events, which helps us fulfill our mission to promulgate the practice of managed care pharmacy. The positive feedback we have received from all of our past symposia inspires us and shows that involvement in AMCP can be massively beneficial to any pharmacist and pharmacy student involved. Photo credit: Elena Galagan

» August/September 2014: St. John's University 

SJU August2014_1On June 28th, the St. John's University AMCP chapter participated in raising Hepatitis awareness throughout the five boroughs in New York City. By reaching out to individual New York City communities, as well as to law and policy makers, the World Hepatitis Day event addressed the two major sources of change in the goal of turning the tide against viral hepatitis. Sharing information with both audiences is a way to make a genuine difference in supporting the cause. View the video here.  On August 6th, St. John's University AMCP student chapter president Kenny Ng and Grassroots Committee Director Anthony Nania sat down with AMCP's New York State Advocacy Coordinator, Lee Marks. SJU August2014_2The student pharmacist leaders arranged to meet Lee at a restaurant in Columbus circle overlooking Central Park . The group engaged in discussions about politics, government, and managed care. Lee presented a wonderful opportunity to further learn about advocacy as he discussed his career path and the constantly evolving nature of his work. A variety of topics ranging from the delicate nature of managing personal healthcare to the strategies of resolving issues such as substance abuse and adequate health plan coverage were discussed.  From the insight and knowledge attained, the St. John's AMCP student chapter will work to contact Congressman Gregory Meeks in our University's congressional district to have him visit the campus.