Committee Mission: To assist in the promotion and education of managed care pharmacy principles and to increase the awareness of AMCP by collaborating with faculty and other key contacts at schools/colleges of pharmacy.

Committee Responsibilities: 

  • Provides guidance and expertise on the importance of managed care pharmacy to schools and colleges of pharmacy
  • Oversees the AMCP Diplomat program
  • Completes tasks as assigned by the President-elect that forwards the AMCP Strategic Plan

Committee Qualifications: 

  • Experience and/or interest in raising the awareness of managed care pharmacy principles at the nation’s schools and colleges of pharmacy
  • AMCP Active and Associate Members

Special Requirements: 

  • Understanding of pharmacy school and student pharmacist issues.

Schools of Pharmacy Relations Committee Roster (available to AMCP members only) 

See also The Role of the AMCP Committee Member 

For more information, contact the AMCP Staff Liaison:  Bri Palowitch.