Letters, Statements and Analysis

Communicating the importance of managed care pharmacy is a key part of AMCP’s work. Using AMCP policies as a basis for their work, AMCP staff and volunteers provide comments, analysis and testimony to Congress and other federal and state agencies on how proposed regulations and laws impact managed care pharmacy and the patients we serve.














AMCP continues to work with 27 other organizations in efforts to urge Congress to align 42 CFR part 2 with HIPPA, essential to providing whole person care.  

AMCP submits comments to the Nebraska Senate Health and Human Services Committee expressing concerns with specific provisions of LB 481 regarding the regulation of biological products and the substitution of interchangeable biological products when dispensed by pharmacists.  



The Partnership to Amend 42 CFR Part 2, a coalition AMCP is part of, issues a comment on the SAMHSA Final Rule and urges Congress to take the next steps in modernizing 42 CFR Part 2.  



AMCP submits comments to CMS on the Medicare Part D MTM Program Standardized Format urging CMS to work with the pharmacy profession to modernize, test, and validate alternate formats to maximize its intended benefit for Medicare beneficiaries and to work towards implementing a new standardized format in advance of 2020. 


AMCP submits comments to CMS regarding implementation of the drug management program provisions of CARA.  

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