What is Managed Care Pharmacy?

Managed Care Pharmacy is the practice of developing and applying evidence-based medication use strategies that enhance patient and population health outcomes while optimizing health care resources. 

Managed care pharmacy professionals — including pharmacists, physicians and nurses — typically work for health plans, pharmacy benefit management companies, accountable care organizations, integrated delivery systems and other managed care organizations. They perform many functions, including:    


  • Develop and implement evidence-based clinical programs and medication therapy management (MTM) programs and services
  • Design pharmacy benefits for health plans
  • Manage quality and cost effectiveness
  • Communicate and collaborate with patients, prescribers, and pharmacists
  • Institute practices and processes that detect unsafe medicines to ensure patient safety

 All of these practices, and more, aim to ensure that all patients have access to the pharmaceuticals they need and that the medications they take are improving their lives.   

Careers for Pharmacists in Managed Health Care Organizations 

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