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State Advocacy Coordinator (S.A.C.)

To apply to become a State Advocacy Coordinator in the following states:

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AMCP’s grassroots advocacy network is primarily a state-based membership initiative managed by the Academy’s Government Affairs staff and coordinated in each state by a State Advocacy Coordinator (S.A.C.).  The primary goals of the network are to keep Academy membership informed about public policy issues of importance to managed care pharmacy.       

The S.A.C. is the primary AMCP contact for advocacy on key public policy issues for their state.  There will be at least one S.A.C. per state and in larger states it may be helpful to have more than one S.A.C.  The S.A.C.s work closely with the Academy’s Government Affairs staff, other S.A.C.s and the S.A.C. Advisory Group to carry out their responsibilities.    

General Responsibilities  

  •  Communicate with AMCP members about relevant public policy issues and the importance of being politically involved.   
  •  Keep AMCP members informed of and effectively convey general information about managed care pharmacy and AMCP’s positions on specific policy issues as needed.   
  •  Determine if any AMCP members have existing contacts with elected state and/or federal legislators, state regulators and/or the board of pharmacy.    
  •  Communicate regularly with AMCP Government Affairs staff on the status of state legislation and state regulations impacting the profession.   
  •  Encourage participation in the Grassroots Advocacy Action process.    
  •  Provide any feedback to AMCP’s Government Affairs staff and the S.A.C. Advisory Group that you believe can improve the program.    

Specific Responsibilities related to Advocacy   

  •  Monitor the activity of legislation and regulations identified by the Academy as impacting the profession and communicate regularly with the Government Affairs staff on any specific activity on those issues.     
  •  Convey AMCP position on specific legislation as needed and serve as a resource by providing information and your professional perspective.   
  •  Convey AMCP position on specific legislation to legislative staff and members of stakeholder organizations.   
  •  Encourage AMCP members to respond to action alerts within the timeframe requested.   
  •  Keep AMCP members informed about policy issue developments through periodic communications. AMCP Government Affairs will provide a template for those communications  
  •  Identify AMCP members who are subject matter experts that would be willing to share their expertise with state and federal legislators and regulators.   
  •  Identify opportunities to coordinate with AMCP student chapters, coordinate with AMCP Diplomats and, if applicable, the AMCP Affiliate.  

AMCP Commitment to S.A.C.s  

  •  AMCP will provide training on policy issues and advocacy techniques and strategies.   
  •  AMCP will provide the necessary informational resources and materials to assist S.A.C.s in carrying out their responsibilities including a state specific legislative and regulatory guide, policy-specific issue briefs, fact sheets and talking points, and general information about managed care pharmacy.     
  •  AMCP will provide web-based tools to facilitate communication with state and federal legislators and regulators.  

Commitment by S.A.C.s  

  •  S.A.C.s are asked to make at least a two-year commitment.   
  •  S.A.C.s are asked to mentor a successor to continue their role.   
  •  S.A.C.s may be asked to contact their legislators on particular bills or issues based on information provided in advance by AMCP to communicate the Academy’s position on the bill or issue.   
  • S.A.C.s are asked to attend and participate in several opportunities including:
    1. Legislative and Regulatory Update Sessions at AMCP Annual and Nexus Meetings
    2. S.A.C Meeting at AMCP Annual and Nexus Meetings
    3. Scheduled conference calls with S.A.Cs