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AMCP Nexus will be held at the Gaylord Texan Resort Hotel & Convention Center in Dallas, Texas. As one of AMCP's two annual conferences, AMCP Nexus aims to provide educational programming on outcome-based contracting, health care delivery, specialty pharmacy, research and other advances in managed care.  The conference is also a great way for students to network with professionals in the field and meet other students from pharmacy schools around the country.  


1. Register for the conference at Early bird registration ends on September 15, 2017 so don't wait! 

2. Book your flight into the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, which is just a 10 minute drive and Dallas Lovefield Airport, which is about a 40 minute drive to the Gaylord Texan Hotel & Convention Center.  

3.  Items to Pack:    

Business cards: Hand them out during the Residency & Fellowship Showcase or while networking with other students and professionals.    

Notebook or padfolio and copies of your CV: A potential employer may request your CV. Be prepared.  

Professional Attire:  Bring both business professional and business casual attire. We recommend bringing shoes that are suitable yet comfortable enough for a full day of conference activities.  

Sign up for a conference buddy. This is a great way to meet professionals in managed care or industry. Grab lunch or coffee in between sessions and learn more about their role and background in a one-on-one setting.  Sign up at this link before September 25, 2017 to assure a match 

5. Join the AMCP LinkedIn Group.  This is a great way to be able to connect with over 12,000 members and stay up to date with what's going on with AMCP.  Start a conversation, promote an upcoming event, or share a new job posting on the LinkedIn page!  Simply go to and join today!   




  1. Sign in at the registration desk and get your name tag, schedule, and free tote bag. Don't forget to stop by the Ribbon Wall and get a "Class of" ribbon, along with any other pertinent ribbons to wear on your badge.  
  2. Download the AMCP 365 app on your mobile device to help navigate the conference. The app provides details about the various sessions and you can also create your own personal schedule to organize which events you want to attend. 
  3. Attend the Welcome Breakfast for new members and first time attendees on Tuesday October 17th at 7:00am.  This is a great opportunity for new students to network with professionals from around the country.  
  4. Use the 2017 AMCP Nexus SnapChat Filter to highlight your time at Nexus! #NEXUS2017 



Browse the conference guide or AMCP app to find sessions that interest you.  Also, make sure to attend the Student Pharmacist Sessions:  

  1. Tuesday, October 17th | 9:50am-11:20am – Trending Opportunities in Managed Care Pharmacy for Student Pharmacists.  This is a panel discussion with recent pharmacy graduates who will be discussing trending career opportunities in managed care pharmacy.   
  2. Wednesday, October 18th | 9:50am-11:20am – The Outcome of it All: The Impact and Value of Outcome-Based Contracts. This session will provide an introduction to how outcome-based contracts are developed, executed, and evaluated for success. 


The Residency & Fellowship Showcase allows students to meet one-on-one with representatives from managed care residency and fellowship programs across the country.  

Wednesday, October 18th | 6:00pm -8:00pm 

For more information and to research programs beforehand, visit:  


1. Poster Sessions take place at The Exchange, where residents/fellows, students and professionals have the opportunity to share their research and advances in the field.   

Tuesday, October 17th | 4:15pm - 6:15pm  

Wednesday, October 18th | 11:30am – 2:45pm  

2. AMCP Foundation's Sunrise Yoga (Registration Fee $15)   

Tuesday, October 17th | 6:00am -7:00am  

Wednesday, October 18th | 6:00am -7:00am   

3. Student Pharmacist and New Practitioner Reception  

Tuesday, October 17th | 6:30pm-8:00pm  

Prepare for AMCP Trivia by reviewing the AMCP website. More details coming soon.  

4. AMCP Foundation's Sock Collection  

October 16rh-October 19th All Day 

Helping families wherever we go, AMCP Foundation partnered with VolunteerNow to host a sock collection in Dallas. All socks are welcome in adult and youth sizes. All socks must be brand-new. Drop socks off at designated sock bins in the Gaylord Texan or visit AMCP Foundation/VolunteerNow Amazon Wish List to purchase socks for charity. 



AUGUST 2017 





How many schools participated in the regional conference, and how many people attended the conference? This was our 10th Annual Western Regional Conference. Each school in the region hosts the conference, and this year we hosted it at California Northwest University. We had 9 pharmacy schools participate. They were our school, California Northstate University, University of California San Francisco, Western University of Health Sciences, Loma Linda University, University of the Pacific, University of Minnesota, University of California San Diego, West Coast University, and Touro University. We had around 60 students and 20 pharmacists come.  
Who was involved in the planning of the conference? It started out with last year's executive board, and then after elections, we had more people to help plan. Additionally, our external and regional AMCP diplomat was extremely supportive. They extended the invitation to all the diplomats at all the various schools, and helped in reaching out to speakers for the breakout sessions. AMCP National was also very supportive. They promoted the conference to other chapters by emailing Chapter Advisors and Chapter Presidents. Susan Cantrell, CEO of AMCP, played an integral part in the conference. She was our keynote speaker and stayed the whole Saturday talking with students. It really shows the level of care and involvement that AMCP National has to supporting student chapter involvement.  
How did you come up with the ideas for which breakout sessions to hold during the conference? Overall, we modeled it after the AMCP National Annual meeting. The theme of the conference was "Driving Patient Outcomes in Data." Under this theme, we had several tracks and within each track several seminars. Our tracks were Industry & Managed Care, Basics of Managed Care, HEOR in Managed Care, Future of Managed Care Pharmacy, Health Care Analytics, and Student Development. For example, in the Industry & Managed Care Track, we had a trade relations pharmacist speak about what they do as well as a pharmacist speaking about managed markets from a health plan perspective. This track covered more advanced topics. On the other hand, we also included more introductory topics in our "Basics of Managed Care" track where we covered formularies, and drug utilization reviews.  
Do you have any advice for other student chapters looking to initiate their own regional conference, or any feedback you received from students? The part that took the most planning was communicating with everyone. There are so many moving parts, and you need to make sure everything is well coordinated. Additionally, make sure you have a back-up plan. In one of the rooms where we were supposed to have a breakout session, the air conditioning broke, so we had to figure out an alternative room quickly. The schedule was set in a way that you could only attend 2 sessions maximum on Saturday. One feedback was to have more session. We didn't do more than 2 sessions because we were worried students would feel burnt out by the end. However, doing 3 sessions on Saturday, we feel would have been a good balance. Additionally, several students asked for the presentation slides. One of the challenges would be some slides have proprietary information on it, so you wouldn't be able distribute all of them, but if you are able to give some, it could be helpful for students.

JULY 2017 




Jack Welch once said, "Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others." The University of Missouri—Kansas City (UMKC) School of Pharmacy is taking this on as their motto as they refurbish their chapter recruitment efforts. The student pharmacy organizations have established two events in the fall in order to educate incoming students about extracurricular opportunities. The AMCP chapter has always attended these, but this year they plan to expand their presence and focus on strengthening AMCP membership.  Four of the elected officers have obtained internships through AMCP-Pfizer, the KCVA, a local PBM, and a federal health plan.  The chapter is committed to AMCP and its expansion within their College of Pharmacy.  The officers will be purchasing custom AMCP polo shirts to more easily identify themselves in the crowd during the recruitment events.  Additionally, they will be holding a meeting to prepare for potential questions that incoming students will have about their AMCP chapter. In preparation for recruitment and the upcoming school year, the officers have also been revising and updating their chapter documents, increasing their online presence, and tapping into funding to expand their efforts.  They fully anticipate this year's recruitment to be an exciting one for the Kansas City chapter. 




By Amber Reinert, AMCP Foundation/Pfizer Managed Care Research and Nonprofit Leadership Intern, Summer 2017 

On July 12, 2017 in Washington, D.C. I had the opportunity to attend the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee's Subcommittee hearing on AMCP's "Pharmaceutical Information Exchange (PIE) Act of 2017" (H.R. 2026).  Entering the Rayburn House Office Building was quite the experience as a pharmacy student! The heavy walls stand tall, truly inspiring you to stand for what you believe in, and the marble-lined halls bustle with busy staffers and elected officials. It's very impressive.  

The committee was chaired by Representative Dr. Michael C. Burgess (R-Texas). Elected officials prepare for hearings by working with their staff to help formulate positions, analyze bills, and develop questions for witnesses. Also, since Representatives cannot be experts on every subject, the hearings are designed to gather insights from external witnesses. The AMCP witness was Kat Wolf Khachatourian, Vice President, Medicare Pharmacy, Strategy, and Delegation Oversight at QualChoice Health. Dr. Khachatourian offered the importance of pre-approval information sharing between manufacturers and payers to enable patient access to drugs entering the market.  

Through this experience I also learned that staffers may approach lawmakers with any updated and relevant information throughout the hearing to further help inform a decision. Of the five witnesses, everyone was fully engaged and allotted 5 minutes to argue their position on the bill. I never realized how clear and concise a message needs to be when conveying it to lawmakers. Diction selection was delivered with high context and in a very respectful manner. Being a part of this process has allowed me to feel the weight of health care policymaking and the passion driving health care entities to fight for change on behalf of our patients. The experience was incredibly inspiring. There is much to be said when making decisions that influence the future of the United States of America. 

Learn more: 

Examining Medical Product Manufacturer Communications Hearing Archive 

AMCP-Supported Bill to Create Safe Harbor for Pre-FDA-Approval Product Communications Is Examined in House Subcommittee on Health Hearing 




What is Managed Care Pharmacy? 

Thursday, September 28, 2017, 12-1pm, EDT  

Are you a pharmacy student who may be interested in a career in managed care pharmacy, and want to better understand managed care pharmacy? Join AMCP and its Membership Committee in this webinar specifically for student pharmacists that will answer the question "what is managed care pharmacy and what roles do pharmacists play in it?" 


  1. Vimal Reddy (Moderator) - Chair, AMCP Membership Committee 
    Clinical Advisor - Health Plan, CVS Health
  2. Jonathan Toft - Chair, AMCP Membership Committee Transitioning Student Members and Mentorship SubgroupClinical Program Manager, MedImpact Healthcare Systems Inc. 

Registration (free) at this link: 




Please visit to submit your application by 
Friday, September 8th


Start the school year right with a solid foundation of managed care skills! 




The Fundamentals of Managed Care Pharmacy Certificate Program provides a comprehensive introduction to basic concepts in managed care pharmacy. Previously presented live at AMCP meetings, it has been updated and repurposed as an online certificate , with the help of key thought-leaders. Learners will explore key aspects of managed care pharmacy, including core fundament   modules and  four focused content areas: Medicare Part D, Medicaid, Affordable Care Act, and Quality Ratings. More than 14 hours of educational content adds up to a comprehensive foundation of professional knowledge. 


Students: Add the Certificate to Your CV!  

The student pharmacist version, available at a discounted rate, is not accredited. 





Remember to report your chapter's activities throughout the year. AMCP will share chapter projects via e-links and other portals throughout the school year. 


Chapter activities can be submitted using this link: