AMCP Foundation Best Poster Information



The AMCP Foundation Best Poster Awards for Student Pharmacists and Resident/Fellows were established in 2002 to recognize the best poster by a Student Pharmacist, a Resident/Fellow, and a Graduate Student presented at the AMCP Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy Annual Meeting.




The Award is divided into three categories – Best Poster by a Student Pharmacist, the Best Poster by a Resident or Fellow, and the Best Poster by a Graduate Student. The posters must be submitted under Student Non-Reviewed as defined by the AMCP Poster Submission Guidelines.




All accepted posters under Student Non-Reviewed for Student Pharmacist and Resident/Fellow are eligible for award consideration.




The Foundation assembles a panel of judges who review the posters on site at the Academy’s Annual Meeting. Posters are judged against the following criteria:

• Scientific merit, logical research design

• Innovation and practicality of research

• Validity of research methodology

• Completeness of results and conclusions

• Conclusions supported by research

• Ability of presenter to demonstrate subject knowledge and communicate technical information in easy to understand manner

• Poster organization and ease of understanding




The Best Poster Awards are presented in each category annually at the AMCP Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy Annual Meeting. Recipients receive an engraved plaque, a $500 cash award, a complimentary AMCP membership for one year, and complimentary registration to the AMCP Nexus Conference in the Fall of the year when the award was received.




Best Poster for Graduate Students Category 

2018 Casey Tak

2017 Sanket Shah

2016 Nathan Pauly


Best Poster for Residents/Fellows Category 

2018 Sage Bagwell

2017 Kameron Kelly

2016 Mi Jung Lim

2015 Shivali Shan

2014 Logan Brinn

2013 Vickie Pon

2012 Kalee Foreman

2011 Maureen Bieltz

2010 Lillian Ndehi

2009 Jessica Huang

2008 Cindy Hanh Tran

2007 Aman Deep Kaur

2006 Tonya M. Martin


Best Poster for Student Pharmacist Category 

2018 Irfan Khan and Brigitte Azzi

2017 Arianna Kee

2016 Leann McDowell

2015 Aashish Surti

2014 Carolyn Corn

2013 Jeffry Consaul

2012 Meghan Frear

2011 Kai Young

2010 Kellie Dudash

2009 Barbara Roper

2008 Sherry Maher

2007 Jeff Hiether

2006 Robert Wittenberg

2005 Harsha Mistry

2004 Devi Thaker

2002 Lida Andrews

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