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    FMCP Announces Winners of Poster and P&T Competitions

    The Foundation for Managed Care Pharmacy announced the winners of the Annual AMCP/FMCP Student Pharmacist P&T Competition and Best Student Pharmacist Poster and Best Resident or Fellow Poster contests April 29 at AMCP’s 23rd Annual Meeting & Showcase in Minneapolis.

    Top honors for the P&T Competition went to:

    • 1st place: University of Southern California ($2,500 scholarship)
      Team members: Andrew Chia, John Ko, Parth R. Shah and Rylan Hanks
      Faculty Advisory: Sheta Desai
    • 2nd place: University of California, San Francisco ($1,500 scholarship)
      Team members: Hilary Campbell, Tien Ho, Lisa Lam and Aimee Loucks
      Faculty Advisor: Glen Yokoyama
    • 3rd place:  University of Washington ($1,000 scholarship)
      Team members: Sarah Forrester, Ingrid Larson, Lisa Rogers and Tracy Yep
      Faculty Advisory: David Veenstra and John Watkins

    Eight finalists competed in the P&T competition at AMCP’s 2011 Annual Meeting & Showcase on April 28 and 29 in Minneapolis. The finalists were from: Purdue University, University of Maryland, University of Southern California, Mercer University, University of California San Francisco, Rutgers University, University of Washington and the University of Georgia. This group was selected from a record 23 AMCP student pharmacist chapters that participated in the semi-final round of competition.

    FMCP thanks Genentech for once again sponsoring the P&T Competition. The Foundation also thanks Eli Lilly & Company and Daiichi-Sankyo for the use of their dossier for prasugrel (Effient).

    Judges for the P&T competition were AMCP members: Kimberly Saverno, Kristin Khalaf, Sherief Shaaban, Lynn Nishida, Jeff Lee, Cathlene Richmond and Barbara Roper.

    “The purpose of the P&T competition is to give AMCP student chapter members a chance to experience a taste of the real world relating to the formulary management process and analysis of a product dossier based on AMCP's Format for Formulary Submissions,” says Norrie Thomas, FMCP Interim Executive Director and CEO. “This competition also gives students an opportunity to hone a variety of skills, including presentation and research skills.”

    Best Student Pharmacist Poster and Best Resident or Fellow Poster Contests 

    A record 59 poster presentations were entered in this year’s Best Student Pharmacist Poster and Best Resident or Fellow Poster contests. The posters were judged on a range of criteria, including the paper’s scientific merit; evidence that the research conducted was innovative and practical; evidence that the results of the study match the paper’s conclusions; the relevance of the study to managed care pharmacy practice; the clarity of the material; and the knowledge of the author regarding the subject matter during his or her presentation.  The winners were:

    Best Student Pharmact Poster: Kai Yeung of the University of Southern California, School of Pharmacy, for Cost-Utility Analysis of Romiplostim Versus Splenectomy in the Treatment of Chronic Refractory Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura. 

    Best Graduate Student, Resident or Fellow Poster: Maureen Bieltz of Highmark, BlueCross BlueShield, for Evaluation of Step-up Versus Top-down Therapy in Newly Diagnosed Chron’s Disease Patients. 

    Honorable Mention Student Poster Category: Doug Beeman of the University of California San Francisco, for Evaluation of the AMCP Format version 3.0: Managed Care Customer Perspectives. 

    Winners received a check for $500, a one-year AMCP membership, a complimentary registration for the AMCP Educational Conference this October in Atlanta, Georgia, and an engraved plaque.

    The posters were evaluated by 15 Academy members on April 29. The judges were: Amanda Bain, Shobhna Butler, William Drake, Larry Georgopolous, Lisa Hlavenka, Glenda Owens, Matthew Palmgren, Scott Phillips, Ann Rakoczy, Shirley Reitz, Dell South, Jane Stacy, Craig Stern, Ami Thakkar and Diana Toe.

    “The poster presentation is one of the best opportunities I know for student pharmacists to truly apply their learning and their skills,” said Thomas. “This is an opportunity for them to demonstrate managed care pharmacy skills and knowledge that they have learned throughout their education.”


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