National Meeting Policies

Meeting Space

If a company wishes to conduct a meeting or event during an AMCP national meeting, AMCP must be notified in writing via a Meeting Space Request Form. A non-refundable application fee of $450-$1,000 will be charged for all requests submitted, regardless of whether they are approved or space is available. The fee is based on corporate membership and total number of company registrants on the date your form is approved. No refunds will be granted for any registration changes or additions after your form has been processed. Companies agree not to schedule or conduct an outside activity including, but not limited to, receptions, seminars, symposia, advisory boards, and hospitality suites that are in conflict with the official program of AMCP national meetings. Internal staff meetings may be scheduled at any time; however, still require approval.

If approved, AMCP will provide an authorization memo including the specific hotel contact information for reserving meeting space. AMCP-contracted hotels will require a copy of this memo in order to process arrangements for meeting space. AMCP requires that operating hours for any functions, meetings, symposia or other special events do not conflict with scheduled AMCP programming. Please note that you are responsible for all charged incurred by the hotel.

Although reservations for suites are to be made directly through AMCP’s housing and registration company, AMCP requires that you submit a Meeting Space Request Form for any and all hospitality functions being held in the suite. Exhibitors are not permitted to display equipment or products or to conduct product demonstrations in suites or sleeping rooms during national meetings.

Door Drops

Companies that are exhibiting at an AMCP national meeting, are conducting an AMCP-sanctioned Satellite Symposium, or sponsoring an event in conjunction with AMCP are eligible to conduct a door drop at AMCP contracted hotels. To do so, your company must forward a sample of the material to AMCP for approval. If approved, AMCP will provide an authorization memo including the specific hotel contact information for making door drop arrangements. AMCP-contracted hotels will require a copy of the approval memo from AMCP in order to process arrangements for the door drop. Once approval has been granted, you will be charged a fee of $1,000 for each drop. This fee is separate from any of the hotel charges. Pricing for the distribution is determined by the individual hotel property and those billing arrangements will be made directly between the company and the hotel.

Please note it typically takes AMCP 5-7 business days after receiving the completed Door Drop Request Form to review the promotional material.


Companies conducting an AMCP sanctioned symposia or an event that is part of the official program of a national meeting will be allowed to place one sign in the AMCP registration area on the day of the event only. All other signage is at the discretion of the contracted facility where the event is taking place.

Guidelines for displaying signs on-site: 

  • One (1) sign per event, on the same day your event or symposium is conducted, may be posted near the AMCP Registration area only.
  • One (1) sign per hotel lobby (AMCP defers to individual properties with respect to their signage policies)
  • Arrangements for renting easels must be made directly through the hotel or convention center.
  • Individual companies (not AMCP) are responsible for removing and discarding these signs upon the conclusion of the event.
  • If you are conducting an AMCP Satellite Symposium, please refer to the Satellite Symposium Guidelines for signage information.

Mailing List Policy

Companies requesting a mailing list are subject to AMCP approval as well as the associated fees. The mail list is authorized for a one-time use only and may not be used for telephone or personal contact. Prior to releasing or selling of the list, you must submit, via fax or email, a copy or sample of the material (i.e. program brochures, door drop material) to be emailed or faxed to the AMCP Meetings Department for approval. Use of the list is subject to the requirements above and those specified in the AMCP Membership/Conference Registrant Names Rental Agreement. The use of this list is for meeting participation promotion only.

Please note it typically takes AMCP 5-7 business days for processing and approval.


Annual Meeting & Expo: 

  • $1,500 corporate members
  • $3,000 non-corporate members     

AMCP Nexus: 

  • $750 corporate members
  • $1,500 non-corporate members

Questions? Contact Susan Noell at (703) 684-2600 ext. 618 to request a copy of the AMCP Membership/Conference Registrant Names Rental Agreement.

Attendee Registration

AMCP is an organization that represents individuals. In order to be eligible for the AMCP "member" registration rate, you must be an individual member in good standing. If you have any questions about your membership, please contact the AMCP Membership Department at (703) 684-2600. Please note that AMCP Corporate Member employees must be individual AMCP members in good standing to be eligible for the "member" registration fee.

No Shows 

Registrants who do not cancel prior to the published cancellation deadline and do not attend will be responsible for the full registration fee.

Grievance Policy 

Should any registrant be dissatisfied with the quality of the continuing education programming offered at an AMCP national meeting, a request in writing must be submitted to AMCP within five days of the conclusion of the program for consideration of a refund of registration fees.

Special Assistance 

If you have any disability for which you are in need of special assistance in order to fully participate in an AMCP national meeting, please contact us at (703) 684-2600 or at

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