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    September 8 - Webinar Cancelled


    Science & Innovation Theater Webinar  

    Our apologies, this webinar has been cancelled.

    Specialty Pharmacy: Next Generation Specialty Pharmacy

    Presented by BioRx, LLC, a subsidiary of Diplomat

    Specialty pharmaceuticals is the fastest growing segment of the pharmaceutical market in the U.S. Industry projections have the growth rate at 20% per year. The care and delivery of specialty pharmaceuticals over the years has migrated toward managed care. To further understand the impact of these evolving channel strategies, you need to identify proactive strategies that expand patient access in an era of increasing cost controls and utilization management. Also, gain insight to the access of value from the payer perspective and how to develop strategies to work collaboratively with specialty pharmacies in order to deliver great value to patients, providers, and payers. As more specialty products get incorporate into the channel strategy, manufacturer. payers, and specialty pharmacies may be able to efficiently reach the entire market with a limited number of channel partners. But it is necessary to understand the opportunities and risks for these strategic options.


    Michael Baldzicki, CRCM, Vice President, Payers & Managed Markets, BioRx, LLC

    Kevin D. Host, PharmD, President, Pharmaceutical Strategies Group


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