Pharmacogenomics: The intersection of pharmacology and genetics studies how an individual’s inherited variations in genes affects the body’s response to medications and may be used to predict future response to therapy.

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NIH: Pharmacogenomics Research Network (PGRN) 



 Government       Open Comprehensive                                              The vision of PGRN – part of the National Institute of General Medical Sciences – is to lead discovery and advance translation in genomics to enable safer and more effective drug therapies. The site includes information on major initiatives, research and training programs, science education for various topics pertaining to pharmacogenomics and other similar topics and news.

 NIH: Pharmacogenomics Knowledge Base (PharmGKB) 


 Government    Open Comprehensive Comprehensive resource that curates knowledge about the impact of genetic variation on drug response for clinicians and researchers.

 NIH: Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC) guidelines 

  2013  Government   Open Comprehensive Help clinicians understand how available genetic test results should be used to optimize drug therapy.

 NIH: National Human Genome Research Institute 

  2013  Government
 Open Comprehensive The completed human genome sequence allows scientists around the world access to a database that greatly facilitates and accelerates the pace of biomedical research.

On this site you will find access to a wealth of information on the history of the Human Genome Project including (but not limited to) Educational Resources, General Information, Research, Model Organisms and links to other key information.

NCBI: National Center for Biotechnology Information 

  2013 Government
  Open Comprehensive This site gives resources on chemical & bioassays, data & software, DNA & RNA, domains & structures, genes & expression, genetics & medicine, genomes & maps and much more.

It includes Databases, Downloads, Tools, Submissions and How To’s.
 University of California San Diego: Pharmacogenomics Education Program    2013 Government
  Open Comprehensive Pharmacogenomics Education Program (PharmGenEd) is an evidence-based pharmacogeneomics education program designed for pharmacists, physicians, pharmacy and medical students and other healthcare professionals.  The program is supported by the CDC through a grant and the faculty collaborate with many pharmacy, medical and healthcare organizations to keep the site up to date.

Resources, CPE/CME, curriculum, pubcasts and a virtual community available through this site.

FDA Table of approved valid genomic biomarkers 

  2013 Government
  Open Comprehensive Table of FDA-approved drugs with pharmacogenomic information in their labels.  The chart gives detail on the therapeutic area, biomarker and label section where the pharmacogenomic biomarkers are addressed.

 Personalized Medicine Coalition 

  2013 Association        Open Comprehensive The Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC) was launched in 2004 to educate the public and policymakers.  PMC represents a broad spectrum of more than 200 innovator, academic, industry, patient, provider and payer communities, as they seek to advance the understanding and adoption of personalized medicine concepts and products for the benefit of patients.
 Evaluation of Genomic Applications in Practice and Prevention    2013  Working   Group
  Open Comprehensive An initiative launched by the CDC Office of Public Health Genomics. This independent, multidisciplinary panel assesses the available evidence for validity and utility of rapidly emerging genetic tests for clinical practice.  The panel prioritizes and selects tests, reviews CDC-commissioned evidence reports, highlights knowledge gaps, and provides guidance on appropriate use of genetic tests.


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Name of Pharmacogenomic Resource  

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 ASHP Pharmacogenomics Resource Page    2013 Association Some articles, open, some require subscription Compendium The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists site provides links to multiple resources on pharmacogenomics, including articles and books, training modules, and presentations from ASHP meetings.  Links to external resources are also provided.
Advancing Pharmacogenomics in Pharmacy Practice    2012 Association   Open White Paper This paper outlines a strategic plan to advance the science of pharmacogenomics into pharmacy practice.
 Therapeutic drug monitoring and pharmacogenetics interface considerations    2010 Government     
  Open Guideline U.S. Department of Health & Human Services National Guideline Clearinghouse summary of therapeutic drug monitoring and pharmacogenomic considerations in clinical practice.   This summary highlights major recommendations in the practice guidelines for pharmacogenomics application in laboratory medicine and also provides links to other summary documents.
 Integrating Pharmacogenomics into Pharmacy Practice via Medication Therapy Management    2011 Association   Open Whitepaper American Pharmacists Association document exploring the application and integration of pharmacogenomics in pharmacy clinical practice via medication therapy management.
 Pharmacotherapy - Special Article on Pharmacogenomics in Pharmacy Benefit Management    2012 Journal Requires subscription Journal Article This article discusses how  pharmacogenomics can be applied in a benefit coverage policy and clinical programs. Also discusses future opportunities for pharmacogenomics in pharmacy benefit management.
 American Medical Association brochure on pharmacogenomics    2011 Association Requires subscription Brochure      The  American Medical Association provides an overview of pharmacogenomics and highlights several drugs: abacavir, codeine, clopidogrel, and warfarin.
The Pharmacogenomics Journal    2013 Publishing Group Some articles open, some require subscription Journal Journal that publishes articles on new research related to pharmacogenomics, such as newly discovered genes important to drug metabolism or toxicity.
What is pharmacogenomics?    2013 Government   Open Handbook This site provides basic information about pharmacogenomics and how genes work. Site sponsored by the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Has links to an interactive tutorial, a list of clinical trials involving pharmacogenomics, and more.

Human Genome Project Information - Pharmacogenomics    2011 Government   Open FAQs Provides information about the Human Genome Project (HGP). Site sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Has links to ethical/legal issues, medicine, education, gene gateway, research archive, gene testing, gene therapy, pharmacogenomics, genetic counseling, and disorders.
 AMCP Format for Formulary Submissions Version 4.0     2016 Association   Open Guideline Companion Diagnostics Addendum (Pages 21-26) provides drug and companion diagnostic test (CDT) developers with guidance for the provision of clinical and economic evidence in health technology assessments and informs drug and CDT manufacturers, P&T committees, Medical Technology Assessment committees, and other coverage and reimbursement decision-makers about appropriate types of evidence for a CDT so that well-informed evaluations can be performed.
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