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AMCP’s webinar series further enhances the Academy as a leading source of information on the issues and challenges affecting managed care pharmacy. These webcasts provide an opportunity for companies and organizations to increase awareness through sponsorships, as well as provide a vehicle for AMCP and sponsors to obtain feedback on key issues, rules and regulations from webcast participants.  

2017 Science & Innovation Theater (SIT) Webinar Participation: 

  • Registration Range: 100-743, Registration Average: 386
  • Attendance Range: 53-474, Attendance Average: 254
  • While attendees do vary by topic, on average over 43% work for health plans or PBMs

Content and speakers (audio) for AMCP SIT Webinars are provided by the sponsor. Currently AMCP is limiting these webcasts to MS PowerPoint slides and audio. Webinars are typically conducted live and then archived on the AMCP Webinar Archives webpage once the recording is approved by the client.

2017 SIT Webinar Recording Metrics: 

  • Recording Views Range: 26-555
  • Recording Views Average: 103 

The client is responsible for adherence to all relevant laws and regulations with their webinar content. AMCP reserves the right to suggest modifications and final approval of script and slides. 

There is limited availability in the 2018 webinar calendar, but AMCP is now taking reservations for 2019!

This opportunity is limited to AMCP Corporate Members.  Cost is $15,000 each. 

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