Hemophilia Market Insights - Understanding Hemophilia Patient Management and Reimbursement - Proceedings from the 2018 AMCP Market Insights Program

Webinar Recorded on August 14, 2018 

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Recent therapeutic advances in Hemophilia have been marked by a wave of pipeline products and newly FDA-approved agents for patients with varying disease severity and type of factor needs. Today, the hemophilia category is estimated at nearly $11 billion, with significant annual growth predicted. In light of these developments, concerns regarding economic drivers and optimal care coordination continue to rise. This program reviewed future considerations for managing the category and the need for greater awareness of stakeholders for optimal integration of patient care and services.

AMCP convened this group of select stakeholders representing hemophilia treatment centers, specialty pharmacies, patient advocacy, clinicians, pharmacy benefit managers, and commercial/government payers to provide insight on:

  • Current challenges and cost drivers in hemophilia
  • Stakeholder roles, integration of services, and optimal partnership models
  • Managing future costs while improving care coordination
  • Recommendations for implementing change


Dana Regan, MBA
AMCP Consultant

This webinar is a follow-up to an AMCP Market Insights program and is supported by Pfizer, Bioverativ, Genentech, BioMatrix and Cotrill’s SP.