How can payers cope with the consequences of accelerated approval – US versus Global Experience

Webinar Recorded on February 22, 2018 

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The US healthcare market is shifting rapidly, with an increasing number of products receiving FDA accelerated approval. This process, particularly with the use of surrogate endpoints, has created increased uncertainty for payers and HTA bodies when making coverage decisions. Leveraging lessons from abroad, there may be options that US payers have for coping with accelerated approval.

Specifically, this webinar will review: 

  • The significance of the shifting landscape and the dilemmas of the FDA accelerated approval process
  • The current landscape of accelerated approval processes in the US and globally
  • Global responses to the accelerated approval of products
  • US payer options for managing coverage decisions given accelerated drug approvals


  • Michael Drummond, PhD, Professor of Health Economics, University of York and former NICE committee Chair in the UK
  • Elizabeth Sampsel, PharmD, MBA, BCPS, VP, Payer Strategy and Relations, Dymaxium, Inc.