Comparing Payer and Hospital Decision Maker Pre-Approval Product Review Trends

Webinar Recorded on August 2, 2017 

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It has been established that payers are reviewing products in many cases 18-24 months in advance of FDA approval to meet budget and formulary approval timelines. How has this trend for earlier product information affected health care decision makers involved in the hospital P&T process? This webinar will provide insights from registered payer and hospital users of the AMCP eDossier regarding the trend of pre-approval product review and compare the perspectives of both types of decision makers.

Specifically, this webinar will review: 

  • Recent research comparing US payers and hospital decision maker’s perspectives on the exchange of pre-approval information
          - Type of information requested
          - Request frequency
          - Manufacturer responsiveness
  • Payer perspective regarding the need and uses for pre-approval information
  • Hospital P&T decision maker perspective regarding the need and uses for pre-approval information


  • Elizabeth Sampsel, PharmD, MBA, BCPS
    Vice President, Payer Strategy and Relations
    Dymaxium, Inc.
  • Andrew Maiorini, PharmD, FAHM
    Vice President, Clinical Programs
  • Nicole Fabré-LaCoste, PharmD, BCPS, BCGP
    Assistant Director of Pharmacy – Medication Use, Safety and Quality
    Ochsner Medical Center