Accessing pre-approval product information - Making the most of your pipeline review

Webinar Recorded on February 17, 2016 

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Join Dymaxium and the AMCP eDossier System for the next in the series: Presenting tools, resources and processes that enhance the exchange of information between life sciences companies and health care decision makers (HCDMs) to support collaboration in the product reimbursement process.

This webinar will explore the elements of pipeline research and best practices completed by health care decision makers. Early product review and preparation is key to preparing for successful product listing in the ever increasing complexity of novel and expensive approved drugs, including biosimilars, orphan drugs and growing numbers of cancer treatments. The speakers will look at the critical role of pipeline research and include what goes into pipeline research, how to move beyond forecasting, consideration to both pharmacy and medical management, and ensuring that systems are in place to monitor utilization post approval.

The discussion will include:

  • Elements of pipeline research
  • Resources available
  • Current review methods
  • Best practices undertaken by payers
  • Case study

Feedback from US health care decision makers on their perspectives and processes around pipeline evaluation will be included. Join us for timely discussions and an opportunity to ask your questions.


Allen Lising, CEO, Dymaxium


  • Ingrid Ma, Pharm.D., Associate Director, Medical Managed Care Research, Sanofi Genzyme
  • Vikrant Vats, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Center for Clinical Effectiveness, BlueCross BlueShield Association