Challenges to Integrating Pharmacogenetic Testing into Medication Therapy Management

AUTHORS: Susanne B. Haga, Nancy M. Allen LaPointe, Jivan Moaddeb



Some have proposed the integration of pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing into medication therapy management (MTM) to enable further refinement of treatments to reduce risk of adverse responses and improve efficacy. PGx testing involves the analysis of genetic variants associated with therapeutic or adverse response and may be useful in enhancing the ability to identify ineffective and/or harmful drugs or drug combinations. This “enhanced” MTM might also reduce patient concerns about side effects and increase confidence that the medication is effective, addressing 2 key factors that impact patient adherence: concern and necessity. However, the feasibility and effectiveness of the integration of PGx testing into MTM in clinical practice has not yet been determined. In this commentary, we consider some of the challenges to the integration and delivery of PGx testing in MTM services. 

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