Challenge Grant

 Mission Accomplished 

Dear Colleagues,

A $25,000 challenge was declared by the AMCP Board of Directors to increase contributions to your AMCP Foundation!  

This challenge matched all donations received from October 1 until December 31, 2016. With AMCP matching contributions dollar-for-dollar – all the way up to a $25,000 maximum – donors immediately doubled the value of their gifts.  

We counted on you, AMCP members and managed care peers. And you blew us away! Thank you and congratulations for rising above the challenge!



Total contributions from individuals October 1 - December 31, 2016: $30,473.03 

Doubled by AMCP: $25,000.00 

Donations received in October: $5,624.14  

Raffle ticket sales received in October: $7,700.00 

Donations received in November: $4,477.53  

Donations received in December: $12,671.36 


 Babette Edgar Fdn Photo
Babette Edgar, PharmD, MBA, FAMCP
AMCP President 
         Allen J. Chernov
Allan J. Chernov, MD
AMCP Foundation President

Are you interested inproviding a challenge grant with the AMCP Foundation? Contact us today. Grants of this nature mean that even smaller gifts have the potential to do far more good! Donors who give $10, see their gifts become $20 in support of medication-related research and education. Challenge grants can be issued in partnership with patient advocacy organizations and linked to efforts to increase disease awareness.

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