AMCP Staff Directory

Name  Title  Phone
Holly Abrams  Director, Marketing 608
Nicole R. Berry  Manager of Executive Office 643
Elisabeth Brisley  Legislative Analyst 634
Mara Kaiser Brunger  VP of Communications and Marketing 656
Susan Cantrell  Chief Executive Officer 643
Mary Jo Carden  VP of Government & Pharmacy Affairs 603
Ebony Clay  AMCP Foundation Program Manager 623
Christine Cooper  Education Program Manager 636
Emily DeLauder  Program Coordinator, Strategic Alliances & Business Development 616
Patrice Dickens  Assistant Director of Database Administration 628
Paula Eichenbrenner  Executive Director of AMCP Foundation 605
Antonia Gabor  Office Coordinator 600
Julian Greer  Senior Manager of Meetings & Forums 642
Taru M. Helne  Digital Content Manager 647
Margie Hunter  Graphic Designer, JMCP  
Jay Kalathil  IT Infrastructure & Online Enterprise Manager 621
Lida Khodabakhshi  Accounting Manager 649
Neal Learner  Media Relations & Editorial Director 611
Cate Lockhart   Program Director, BBCIC 646
Julie MacDonald  Graphic Design & Production Manager 615
Zain Madhani  Program Coordinator, Pharmacy and Government Affairs, Student Development 653
Jean Marchant  Associate Director of Administration 629
Mark Milligan  VP of Finance 624
Maria Miranda  Senior Education Coordinator 644
Matt Mitchell  Human Resources Manager 635
Susan Noell  Assistant Director of Corporate Relations & Membership 618
Beth O'Brien  Director of Meetings & Conventions 622
Tom Olds  Staff Accountant 627
Kathleen Orem  Director of Governance 630
Brianna Palowitch  Mgr. Of Pharm. Affairs & New Practitioner Programs 625
Michelle Perkins  Education Program Coordinator 612
Cynthia Reilly  Senior Vice President
Terry Richardson  Director of Product Development 606
Puneet Singh  Senior Manager, Education 638
Ruby Singh  VP of Education & Training 640
LaChelle Smith  Member Relations & Database Coordinator 626
Jayne Somes-Schloesser  Interim HR Director 631
Julia Veeder  Webinar Program Manager 604
Brittany Vogel  Education Program Manager 617
Betty Whitaker   VP of Membership & Meetings  602 
Tricia Lee Wilkins  Director of Pharmacy Affairs 641
Afton Wagner  Director of Regulatory Affairs 637
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