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    The following resources are provided to help applicants with their synthesis essay portion of the AMCP Foundation/Pfizer, Inc. Summer Internship application.  


    Synthesis Essay 

    In an attempt to combat increased drug pricing, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is offering an option for Medicare Part D plan sponsors to implement an indication-based formulary design beginning in 2020. The indication-based formulary involves adjusting formulary coverage of select drugs based on specific indications. With this being a new concept, the P&T Committee chair at your health plan has consulted you, the formulary management expert, for insight. 


    Create a proposal for how the indication-based formulary can be implemented in your organization, using a specific medication as an example. Include any barriers you foresee as well as suggestions for how to overcome those barriers. Your proposal must have an executive summary of no more than 250 words, followed by information related to how your example medication could be managed using an indication based formulary and barriers to implementing this tool. The OUTLINE of your program should be structured in 3 to 5 bullets with no more than 5 sub-bullets for each.  


    (**Please no doctoral dissertations – the judges will not read it. Be brief and to the point. ) 


    Here are a few references to start your search. You are required to do additional research for your proposal:


    Indication -Based Formulary CMS News Articles 


    Physician Group Concerns 


    CVS Specialty Indication Based Formulary   


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